Hands-on DIY SKX to NH36 upgrade !

Edited : 28/6/2018 (added my own custom made “S” crown for SKX007 diver mod)

As per many reader request, today i would like to do a hands-on DIY SKX to NH36 upgrade tutorial. (thanks to Brian Gregg for the project).

Its has been discussed in the below 2 articles, but some reader still finds it confusing on the DIY mod. Therefore, this article is a tutorial and probably a summary/merging both the articles below.

Triple charge your Seiko SKX007 with Dragon Shroud, Jumbo crown and a NH36 !

Supercharge your SKX007 with a NH35/36


You will needs the following :

a) Seiko SKX watch
b) NH36 (DAY/DATE) movement – https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/for-sale-sii-nh35-4r35-automatic-movement/
C) SKX aftermarket crown (Jumbo crown in this case – https://www.dragonshroud.com/product-page/jumbo-tuna-crown-for-7002-skx007-skx009-011-a5 )
D) NH36 pre-cut stem – https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/for-sale-various-new-watch-stem-nos/

Case back removal

Remove the SKX crown.

Remove the Seiko 7S26 movement from the case.

Hands removal.

Dial removal.

DAY wheel removal (swap to the NH36 for propely alignment).
*same procedure apply to the NH36.



Properly aligned DAYwheels on NH36.

Fixing the pre-cut stem to the Jumbo crown.

Installation is basically the reverse.
*Do remember to apply fresh silicon to those gasket !

Regulate the new NH36 to your liking if you have the timegrapher equipment.

I like the Jumbo crown as i feel its an upgrade with the extra gasket. Its also easier to manual wind the NH36 and time setting too.

Alright guys, thanks for reading. Hope the new summary tutorial helps.

Many have asked me to supply them with an aftermarket crown and a suitable pre-cut length NH35/NH36 stem as a package.
OK guys, after many consideration and investment. I have decided to go ahead and custom made my own “S” crown for the SKX007 Supercharge upgrade.

They are custom made as close to the SARB059 crown as possible but with some improvement.

Lets have a look at the new “S” crown improvement :

The “S” crown

The pre-cut stem will fit nicely onto the “S” crown to provide a plug and play application !

They are made with “Double gasket” for added water resist application !

Additional crown “Bottom gasket” for even more water resist assurance !

So there you have it guy ! The “S” crown option.

Its offer “S” crown alone or a fix with the pre-cut stem.

You can read more about the “S” crown here : https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2018/06/28/introducing-the-s-crown-a-sarb059-alternative/








  1. Thanks a lot for this DIY!
    It helps me to understand much more about the NH36 upgrade. Even more than the jumbo crown i love the sarb059 crown. But it’s to hard to find. Best regards

    1. Agreed on the SARB059 crown, they are hard to find nowadays.

  2. What about the SBDC crown? Does it fit to the SKX case?

    1. Which model ? SBDCxx ?

  3. Oh, I mean the SBDC001/003 or 031/033
    Or does any other crown fits to the SKX case?

  4. No, the SBDC001 aka Sumo crown is compatible with the Seiko Monster SRP313…. but not the SKX.

    *another alternative to use on the SKX case is the Stargate 2 – SRP493 ……example.
    If you are looking into both the crown and stem, get the Stargate2 (with 4R36 movt) for the mod.

  5. Ok and thanks for the information. This one (SRP493) is also hard to find, so I use the aftermarket crown from ebay and your stems. 😉

  6. Roderick · · Reply

    Thanks for this DIY!

    Do you know if the Seiko Orange Monster SKX781 is able to use the NH36 as a drop in replacement (without needing date wheel correction) if I am able to source a 2nd Gen Monster stem and crown?

    1. Hi , The monster can be upgraded to the NH35/36 with the 2nd gen crown+stem.
      There has been report that second hands touches the crystal.
      Therefore to be safe, swap to a double dome sapphire !

      1. Roderick · ·

        Thanks for the info! I already have a Yobokies double dome sapphire installed. Do you think it is worth the effort to put a NE15/6R15 in my 1st Gen Orange Monster vs using a NH36? Any idea if the positional variance is less on the 6R movement?

      2. In my opinion, the NE15/6R15 is almost the same as the NH35 ; with exception to the power reserve and sec hands pinion height.
        However price wise 6Rxx alot higher.

        In terms of accuracy, the 6Rxx is more accurate from the factory. But you can buy NH35 with same or better accuracy (ask to be regulated) too !

        Choice is your thou.

  7. Domenick V Doran · · Reply

    Thanks so much for this, I’m going to be trying this soon and this is a phenomenal resource!

    1. Glad you enjoy the article.

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