Monthly Archives: February 2015

SEIKO 5328-0010 – 17J Rare Swiss movement ?

Saw this SEIKO mechanical watch [5328-0010] 17J Rare Swiss movement on the ebay. So is it a Swiss or Seiko watch ? Interesting ! edit : from checking, it seems in 1975, Seiko was using CHEAP swiss movements! It does not seems to be a fake as there was a Seiko stamping on the movement. […]

Custom springbar for Seiko SPB051, SKX779, SPR309 (Monster), SBDC001 (Sumo), MM300 on mesh bracelet

Edit : added more application (23 Jan 2018) There have been many request from customer and forumer for a custom springbar for the Seiko Monster, Sumo and MM300 (all having 20mm lug) for mounting on mesh bracelet. Seiko usually make their 20mm lug diver watches with drilled-thru holes and are great for easy fat springbar […]

Maranez Rawai – Review

Thanks to Maranez for their “hard to ignore” offer ! I have committed another sin ! Pray pray …..! My god ! with Seiko SRP637, 639, Monster Tuna, SRP605 Blue sub and Steinhart Nav-B UHR Bronze…… its a dead broke 2015 ! Maranez also delivered at an unbelievable SPEED too ! Ordered on 31 Jan […]