Crystaltimes Double Dome sapphire for Regia Armare Regatta series

Base on REGIA crystal dimensional specification, CrystalTimes has send us their double dome sapphire alternative for those whom always wanted that extra thickness and dome sapphire crystal.

REGIA now has 3 crystals offering for their Regia Armare Regatta case set :

a) the original slight dome sapphire,
b) plexiglass dome,
c) CrystalTimes sapphire extra thick double dome with blue AR

As usual, CrystalTimes sapphire are well protected in shipment, with protective covering and padded envelop.

First impression is that the CrystalTimes sapphire is almost double the thickness of REGIA original sapphire (4.5mm vs 2.1mm).
Secondly, the CrystalTimes sapphire has a more pronouce dome as oppose with the slight dome found on the original sapphire.
Lastly the CrystalTimes sapphire has a blue hue of AR, which is a love it for me ; but a hate it for photographer !

Without wasting much time, i immediately set to swap out the sapphire on the REGIA Timothy John custom skull painted series.

Famous Australian artist Mr Timothy John work can be found here –


Timothy John custom painted Regia Watches

Below photos shows the CrystalTimes sapphire being pressed in with Bergeon 5601 press.

Photos of the installed CrystalTimes sapphire below :

Compared with another REGIA with an original sapphire. You can see it has an obvious thickness increased and dome. The overall thickness is now at 15.8mm vs 13mm.

Some wrist shots :

This CrystalTimes sapphire is now available.
Mr Sunny of CrystalTimes agent can be reached here :

The CrystalTimes Sapphire can be installed on all REGIA Armare Regatta case set below :

REGIA Armare Regatta

Regia Skull Dial – Limited to 100 pcs only

Regia custom made painted and patina dial watches


Sylvia Chow's custom painted dial


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