Edit : 28.11.2018. An small accident happen this morning in the store-room. The Rigid metal movement holder storage box was found topple on the floor (both Brass and Stainless holders were placed together in the same box).  It must have been the weight ! [about 35 kgs]. Inspection shows no major damages except some small […]

Edit : 22.10.18 – Its READY !! Its ready ! ! The Mid size “S” crown for SKX013, SKX031, SKX033 application….etc is now ready ! You can now supercharge them easily with the NH35, NH36, 4R36, 6R15….etc (not suitable for SKX023, 25, 27). If you have read the below article, you will realised that similar […]

NEW STOCK HAS ARRIVED (28 June 2019) Another commonly “fly into orbit” Seiko parts, is now available from here. Seiko PN 0963 300 – commonly know as the DAY wheel disc Snap C-clip. These are suitable for use in Seiko 7S25, 7S26, 4R15, 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, NH35, NH36 automatic movement. Price : Usd15each (includes International […]

Edit : last piece of Wabi Faded Pepsi. (SOLD OUT) ————————————————————– Recently, it seems vintage, retro remake is in the rage. Many modder has by various method, vintagize their dial lume colour, case and bezel insert. It is quite interesting by their creation. As requested by customer, they wanted a bezel insert to have a […]

Edit : 13/1/2020 : add customer pix. Edit : 1/11/2018 : V2 S Crown delivery start – details of V2 below. Edit : 29/10/2018 : Version2 S crown on its way ! Edit : 24/8/2018 : tolerances between SKX batches of watches. Version 2 planned ! Finally its ready ! ! Introducing the “S” crown, […]

How many time i hear about the comparison between the availability of modification parts for Seiko vs Miyota (Citizen) ? Answer : Plentiful ! and Seiko always wins ! Plenty of mod hands, dial, replacement movement……etc from seller all over the world. For Miyota (Citizen) some times even finding a set of mod hands can […]

Edit : 22/1/2020 (added more pix) Thank you all for the support and feedback. The earlier article <aka Version1> on the 62Mas alternative hands is here : https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2017/11/03/new-62mas-3-facet-hands-for-seiko-spb051-and-spb053-aka-modern-62mas/ Base on the feedback and suggestion from customers all over the world, i have decided to goes back to the drawing board to plan for a V2 […]

These hands will fit all Seiko mechanical movement, 7S25, 7S26, 4R15, 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, NH35, NH36 Price calculation : Hands – USD29 International shipping (included) Total = USD29 Dagger laser cut 3 hands (USD29) Hour hands : 9mm polish, Swiss Lume Minutes hands : 13mm polish, Swiss Lume Second hands : 13.5mm painted white, red […]

Edit : 27.11.2019 (added more pix) During Baselworld 2017 – The Eagerly Awaited Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 Prospex was released. But not only its expensive at Euro3800 but it is also a limited production quantity. Therefore its probably out of reach for many Seiko enthusiast. ………for some reason Seiko also makes the SPB051 and SPB053………which […]

Edit : Update on stock (20.4.2018) Thanks all for the compliment pertaining to my article Supercharge your SKX007 with a NH35/36. Read it here : https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/supercharge-your-skx007-with-a-nh35/ Many has been asking if i can supply the “Intermediate Wheel for Day Correction” and the “Day/Date Corrector Setting Wheel” OK, here they are. These are suitable for use in […]

Edit : 5/3/2018 stock update (SKX007 Gasket is back in stock !) Some of these has not been replenished for awhile. Contact me for paypal details. Shipping : Flat (shipping international too) Interested, pls contact me here or email me at seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com —————————————————————————————————— ALL PRICES QUOTED BELOW INCLUDES INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Skx007, 009…etc <315>- crystal gasket […]

edit : 21.4.2018 (more application) I was frustrated looking for a suitable springbar to swap leather strap in my Seiko SKX and 6309 diver watch. The Seiko’s Fat Springbar at 2.5mm diameter body is too fat for leather strap and other rubber/silicon strap ends. They are also very difficult to remove too ! During the […]

Updated 13 July 2018 (added new modern 62MAS SPB051/53 and New Samurai bezel gasket) For sale, various Seiko bezel gasket. Contact me for paypal details. Shipping : Flat (shipping international too) Interested, pls contact me here or email me at seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com *Strongly suggest user to purchase 2 pieces of the bezel gasket. The gasket can […]

Edit : added more application (23 Jan 2018) There have been many request from customer and forumer for a custom springbar for the Seiko Monster, Sumo and MM300 (all having 20mm lug) for mounting on mesh bracelet. Seiko usually make their 20mm lug diver watches with drilled-thru holes and are great for easy fat springbar […]

Edit (27/3/17) : added new watches application. Own a Panerai, Marina Militare, Maranez, homage watch ? Most owners whom buy these type of watches likes to customized their strap according to their taste, so strap change is frequent ! Ever had a sheared off screw-in lug bar from your Panerai, Marina Militare, Maranez, homage watch […]

edited : 6.10.2019, add more photos For sale are : 1) Seiko 20mm and 22mm fat springbar 2) 20mm single shoulder Glycine type (note they are flangeless ! and will solve your Seiko ‘clicking’ issue) Springbar – USD18 for 4 pcs International shipping – included Total = USD18 Price : USD18 for 2 pair, inclusive […]

DHL has announced a price increase in September 2019.

Edit : 26/01/2020 – added more pictures. *the finishing and the balance is the tell tale. I was shown the Rolex clone SH3135 (Rolex 3135 clone). Pretty scarily. Better know your stuff when buying them ! Careful !

Edit : add pix (13/1/2020) Please place your order here! (Monster S Crown) + (Stem) = Usd32 (includes international shipping) Usd27 (Monster S Crown) Without Stem = Usd27 (includes international shipping) Please make payment to my PayPal account: seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com Put remarks: Monster S Crown + Stem Since Nov 2018, i have been thinking the idea […]

Stocks had arrived! (6/3/2019) Price: USD35 International shipping – included Total: USD35   Please PayPal to: seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com Please put remarks with the bezel name of your choice.     Thank you guys for all the support in 2018. It has been a busy year and it has not stop yet ! I now have 2 […]

For sale some vintage Seiko dial. Condition : these are vintage dial, some scuffing and light scratch due to storage are expected. All dial feet intact, unless otherwise stated. Shipping : Flat $10 (i am willing to shipping international too) Please contact me for paypal details. seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com King Seiko Chronometer Officially Certified 5626-7040 dial (Min […]

For sale is a Seiko 7s26-02w0 watch case. It comes with bracelet and measured 160mm excluding lug piece. Crown is attached with a 7s26 stem and is detachable. Therefore, a NH35/36 mod is possible ! I only have one set. Brand: Seiko Gender: Men Movement: Automatic Case material: Stainless Steel Type: Automatic wristwatch case Brand: […]

With the new Mid size S Crown available ( https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2018/09/07/mid-size-s-crown/ ) . Here is a SKX033 SnowFlake with the much needed NH35 upgrade ! Pix tells a thousand words.