Review : Triple charge your Seiko SKX007 with Dragon Shroud, Jumbo crown and a NH36 !

Some of you guys may already know, (aka Kontrol Sport USA in ebay) has made available a plastic shroud which will effective convert the ever popular Seiko SKX series diver into a shroud diver ; much alike the Seiko Tuna series. Its has been in the market for a few months, finally i decided to purchase it for one of my SKX007 mod.

For this review we will triple “charge” the SKX007, we will do a total cosmetic and internal changeover :

1) install a SII NH36 automatic movement (also know as the 4R36) to replace the 7S26,
-its a newer movement with hacking and manual winding feature.

2) add a Dragon Shroud,

3) add a Jumbo crown (also from
[i’ll explain why we decided to have the Jumbo crown, pls do follow below.]

I will not touch on case back, movement, hands or dial removal ; as there are plenty of tutorial on these subject.

OK, let get to work.

Black Dragon Shroud and the Jumbo Crown

2 colours are available from (army green and black). We purchased the black shroud together with the Jumbo crown. It arrived well packed in a plastic container.

Photo 22-7-15 4 17 31 pm

I did a trial fit with the black Dragon shroud and it fitted tight and nice with a snap.

*Note the original Seiko SKX crown position.
-it can be quite challenging to set the time in this crown position (short).

Photo 24-7-15 2 40 11 pm Photo 24-7-15 2 40 16 pm Photo 24-7-15 2 40 30 pmPhoto 24-7-15 2 40 40 pm

** In the below photos, i have unscrewed the original Seiko SKX crown.
-if the crown is in this length, it will be much easier to set the time.
-THATs why we purchased the Jumbo crown !

Photo 24-7-15 2 41 32 pm  Photo 24-7-15 2 42 19 pmPhoto 24-7-15 2 42 01 pm

The Jumbo crown

This is how the Jumbo crown looks like when compare with the original Seiko SKX crown. Its taller.

Read on….. we have more details on the crown.

Photo 24-7-15 3 15 20 pm

The original Seiko SKX crown is 4.56mm thick, 6.96mm in diameter and has a shaft at 2.25mm.

Photo 24-7-15 3 21 02 pmPhoto 24-7-15 3 22 40 pmPhoto 24-7-15 3 23 44 pm

The Jumbo crown is 6.0mm long, also 6.96mm in diameter and has a shaft at 2.18mm.

Photo 24-7-15 3 21 48 pmPhoto 24-7-15 3 22 22 pmPhoto 24-7-15 3 23 59 pm

I have noticed that the gasket is a little different thickness between both crown and was initially worried on the water resistance on the final product.

Photo 24-7-15 3 16 01 pmPhoto 24-7-15 3 15 37 pm

After much investigation, i am pleased to note that there is an extra gasket located at the inner of the Jumbo crown. This gasket come in contact with the crown tube when fully screw-in ; effectively creating a 2nd sealing !

Funny why the original Seiko SKX’s crown does not has any ! (does it means the SKX uses only 1 seal for water proofing ?)

Photo 24-7-15 3 23 14 pm

I am using my own SII NH36 stem which is pre-cut and pre-chamfer. Apparently you can fit the stem to the Jumbo crown WITHOUT any trimming at all ! Just screw-it on and install into the movement, what a luck ! You can find the stem here :

*** below both stem comparison which will clear the myth that both 7S26 and 4R36 (or NH36) uses the same stem. No they dont !

Photo 24-7-15 5 25 44 pm

Here is photo of the swapped NH36 into the SKX case.

****For the SKX case, i have not encounter the second hands touching the crystal, despite noting that the second hand pinion is in fact taller on the NH36 than the 7S26. Therefore, i conclude that the 4R is a possible swap while 6R movement is an exact swap on the SKX case. Both are good movement upgrade with the 6R being more expensive due to better power reserve and higher grade.

Photo 24-7-15 5 25 54 pm

With the Jumbo crown installed.

Photo 24-7-15 5 32 20 pm

Now lets try with the Dragon shroud again !

Photo 24-7-15 5 34 08 pm Photo 24-7-15 5 34 37 pmPhoto 24-7-15 3 19 43 pmPhoto 24-7-15 5 35 14 pmPhoto 24-7-15 3 19 32 pmPhoto 24-7-15 3 19 39 pm

Lets see how much the Jumbo crown extend from the original crown.

Photo 24-7-15 3 20 23 pm

OK ! Job done ! Lets see the final product. The triple “charge” SKX007 with Dragon shroud parts and of course the upgraded NH36 movement.
(It actually looks good with just the Jumbo crown !)

Photo 24-7-15 5 45 59 pmPhoto 24-7-15 5 46 57 pm Photo 24-7-15 5 47 28 pm

Here is the wrist shots.

Photo 24-7-15 5 56 40 pm Photo 24-7-15 5 56 27 pm

OK guys, thanks for reading and happy modding !









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