Monthly Archives: July 2015

Review : Triple charge your Seiko SKX007 with Dragon Shroud, Jumbo crown and a NH36 !

Some of you guys may already know, (aka Kontrol Sport USA in ebay) has made available a plastic shroud which will effective convert the ever popular Seiko SKX series diver into a shroud diver ; much alike the Seiko Tuna series. Its has been in the market for a few months, finally i decided […]

REGIA Armare Regatta – Plexiglass Semi Dome crystal

The REGIA Armare Regatta is now available with Plexiglass Semi Dome crystal. For the time being, just make a purchase at the online store and send an email to that you want it with Dome crystal. Some photos for idea.

For sale : Various new watch stem (NOS)

Edited : 3/8/16 (added 7S26 stem) NOS watch stem for sale. —————————————————————————- Free ! Plastic crown for new stem (the hole size is 0.9mm, suitable for below sale stem) <while stock last please !> (Sorry, all gone !) —————————————————————————- 6309 dress watch stem ($2 each) Seiko Kinetic stem ($3 each) ETA 278X stem ($2 each) […]

REGIA Armare Regatta (Plain non-engrave bezel)

REGIA Timepieces have launched the REGIA Armare Regatta in plain non-engrave bezel.  They are basically the same Regia Armare Regatta except the bezel are not engraved. The same dial colour and package is applicable. Price remains unchanged. OK, now you have an option ! You can find them at the website I am posting […]