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Seiko Stargate (7S26 movement) – the wait for bezel continue ! (its HERE !)

Edit : 12 Nov 2015 (yobokies replacement bezel ring is HERE !) The Seiko 200m Divers – SKZ323, SKZ325 and SKZ327). These are nick named the Seiko ‘Stargate’ due to the chevron shape bezel pips design.  It’s a Seiko diver watch from the “Superior” series, which means that the finishing is of a higher grade than […]

Watch Groups – Who Owns What (Brands) ?

Last update : 23 Jul 2018 With so many watches brands and groups owning it, i am compiling some of these information and posting them here to share. All information are sourced from the internet. Should i miss out any brands or groups, do comment and let me know. Thanks in advance for the input. […]

Murphy Coin Edge bezel for Seiko Solar Diver (SNE107, SNE109, SBDJ001)

I have got this Seiko Solar Diver SNE107. Bought it as i have a collection of Citizen Ecodrive Diver, and thought its good to add a Seiko Solar diver too. The Seiko Solar Diver SNE107 looks like this : As you can see the star shape bezel is rather divisive but the dial and hands are […]