Eliminate Seiko Fat Spring bar ‘clicking’ !

A customer asked me for help as he couldn’t eliminate the springbar ‘clicking’ on his Seiko SPB051 (aka modern 62MAS using 20mm spring bar) and its driving him crazy !

I had the solution since 2014 but didn’t really publicized much on it. So, its actually a piece of cake ! Simple !

20mm use this :


22mm use this :

OK, cutting long story short.

Here is the problem :
*Seiko’s fat spring bar can cause “clicking” sound on the watch lug due to tolerance between the spring bar pin and lug hole.

Here is the solution 1 : Single flange Glycine style Fat Spring bar
Use this, if you want to use back the original Seiko strap/bracelet, since the spring bar body is kept at same 2.5mm diameter.



Here is the solution 2 : custom Spring bar
Use this, if you want to mount a mesh bracelet, after market strap with smaller end holes. The spring bar body is custom made to 2mm diameter. Strong, yet smaller and suitable for Seiko Diver uses.


Anyway, now he is happy as he doesn’t hear the ‘clicking’ sound anymore ! SOLVED !




  1. Scott Fitch · · Reply

    I know it’s almost a year past, but I’m glad I found this post… I’ve had a few new turtle reissues and from the factory I’ve heard the clicking…I’m pretty sure it’s harmless (as in, not a sign that the spring bar is failing or even about to fail) but it’s still annoying — also helps to reassure my lug holes aren’t improperly drilled.

  2. Marko · · Reply

    Will these also help with small gap between end link and case om sbdc061?

    1. Unfortunately “no”.

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