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Eliminate Seiko Fat Spring bar ‘clicking’ !

A customer asked me for help as he couldn’t eliminate the springbar ‘clicking’ on his Seiko SPB051 (aka modern 62MAS using 20mm spring bar) and its driving him crazy ! I had the solution since 2014 but didn’t really publicized much on it. So, its actually a piece of cake ! Simple ! 20mm use […]

Hands-on DIY SKX to NH36 upgrade !

As per many reader request, today i would like to do a hands-on DIY SKX to NH36 upgrade tutorial. (thanks to Brian Gregg for the project). Its has been discussed in the below 2 articles, but some reader still finds it confusing on the DIY mod. Therefore, this article is a tutorial and probably a […]

Crystaltimes Double Dome sapphire for Regia Armare Regatta series

Base on REGIA crystal dimensional specification, CrystalTimes has send us their double dome sapphire alternative for those whom always wanted that extra thickness and dome sapphire crystal. REGIA now has 3 crystals offering for their Regia Armare Regatta case set : a) the original slight dome sapphire, b) plexiglass dome, c) CrystalTimes sapphire extra thick […]

New Plonguer Hands set for Seiko Divers

Specification Model: Plonguer Hands Movement: NH35 automatic (NH36,4RXX,NH25,NE15, 6RXX,7S26 [Seiko]) Hour hands : 8.5mm painted white, Swiss Lume Minutes hands : 12mm painted orange, Swiss Lume Second hands : 13mm painted white, Swiss Lume They are $28/set inclusive of shipping. or you can make a payment here : These are suitable for use in […]

2018 New variants and New shrouds for Regia Armour Fish Diver

Regia Timepieces has launched 6 new variants of their 2018 Regia Armour Fish Diver watches. You can find there here – Regia Diver 2018 New edition Grey Sunburst Angry Eye Green Scuba Ghost White Scuba Ghost 2017 Black edition (in Gold and Silver tone) 2017 Blue edition (in Gold and Silver tone) Also added are […]

Crystaltimes Big Bubble for Regia Armour Fish Diver – Green and Purple AR coated

Edit : 14/12/2017 (added CrystalTimes B.B. Flame AR) Ref. to my earlier article on CrystalTimes Double Dome and Big Bubble sapphire for Regia Armour Fish Diver. CrystalTimes has just released 2 more new Big Bubble with Green and Purple AR coating. *CrystalTimes has added a NEW Big Bubble with Flame AR (see below). The […]

New 62MAS 3 Facet hands for Seiko SPB051 and SPB053 (aka modern 62MAS)

Edit : 15/12/2017 (added more pix) During Baselworld 2017 – The Eagerly Awaited Seiko 62Mas Reedition SLA017 Prospex was released. But not only its expensive at Euro3800 but it is also a limited production quantity. Therefore its probably out of reach for many Seiko enthusiast. ………for some reason Seiko also makes the SPB051 and SPB053………which […]