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SKX supercharged mod with 6R15

Here is a SKX supercharged mod with 6R15 for Mr Justin. Customer Mr Justin has send in his weeks of gathered parts from various sources to me for supercharging. Here are the parts : -Seiko SKX -6R15 movement -SARB059 crown/stem -Seiko hands set -black date wheel -Sumo Limited Edition dial Let the mod begin ! […]

Seiko SKX013, SKX031, SKX025 Supercharge mod ?

I have been asked several time to do a NH36 supercharge upgrade to the SKX013, a mid size Seiko SKX Divers. SKX013 pix for your information how it looks like. (below not my pix but from the net). Pix of the SKX013 vs SKX007. Information that i know so far : A) The SKX013 aka […]

CrystalTimes Top Hat Sapphire crystal for Regia Diver

CrystalTimes has another new product. The Top Hat Sapphire Crystal. I have the opportunity to purchase the Top Hat Sapphire from Mr Sunny CrystalTimes agent. Mr Sunny of CrystalTimes agent can be reached here : I have reviewed CrystalTimes sapphire crystal previously : Their product makes the Regia Timepieces “pop” […]

Removal and Setting Watch Hands

Just a quick video on Removal and Setting Watch Hands. Nick of has posted a video on the removal and setting of watch hands below. I think its a good tutorial and is great for all novice. *Video with permission from Mr Nick. Credit goes to Mr Nick for the nice and clear tutorial […]

New slip over SKX007 shrouds from Armsaver

While browsing the ebay, i saw that there is a new SKX007 slip over (or slip-on) shroud from seiko-shrouds. (Armsaver) They can be found here – What interest me is that this new slip over SKX007 shroud has 3 securing screw (non functional) and it seems thinner than the one i have reviewed in […]

Converting a 6R15 to a DAY/DATE movement

OK, some of you guys liked the more expensive 6R15 (NE15) movement for its extra engraving and longer power reserve. Question – Many has asked whether the 6R15 can be converted into a DAY/DATE movement for the SKX007 Supercharge usage. Answer – 6R15 can be converted to a DAY/DATE movement and it can also be […]

My Seiko Map Meter SKZ221 self destruct

Edit : 31.7.2018 (Map Meter new clothing) Edit : 27.7.2018 (another ! this time a Seiko strap) There is a reason why i hated plastic shroud. My personal collection, the Seiko Map Meter SKX221. This is my earlier treasure as during that time, this SKZ221 is one of the very few Seiko whom comes with […]