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Regia Timepieces – Custom made patina dial Regia watches

Regia Timepieces has done it again ! This time with their custom made patina dial Regia watches. Each custom made patina dial is never the same. Patina is a thin layer that variously forms (a small amount of surface rust, without pitting) on the surface of metals. Tarnish produced by oxidation (rust) or other chemical […]

Regia Timepieces – New colour, new “發”design dial

Regia Timpieces has added a new design “發” dial in 6 colours to their collection. They are available in both engrave (code R105) and plain bezel (code R106). The 6 colours are Sunburst, Starburst, Crimson Red, Eclipse Orange, Flare Yellow, and finally a Raw Brass dial (this dial will patina over time). “發” is [pronouce […]

For sale : Twin-seal and Tri-seal (Triplock) crown + tube

Due to many enquiry for these generic Twin-seal and Tri-seal crown + tubes. Plus i am also using them for repair/replacement/modification for many sub homage, Seiko and Citizen watches. Stem thread are 0.9mm. Decided to purchase some and stock them instead of just looking for them when needed . So here they are. Price : […]

Seiko Stargate yobokies replacement bezel – gasket improvement

Hi guys, I just installed the yobokies replacement bezel for my Stargate Soxa mod. The review can be found here : Today i noticed that the bezel although has a firm side movement but its rather shaky on the up/down movement. I have suspected that the up/down movement is due to the supplied bezel […]

For sale : Various Seiko bezel gasket for 6309, 7002, SKX007, SKX779 (Monster), SNZH51 (FFF), Samurai, Tuna SBBN013 and MM300

Updated 22 May 2017 (added new turtle reissue SRP777 gasket) For sale, various Seiko bezel gasket. Contact me for paypal details. Shipping : Flat $6 (shipping international too) Interested, pls contact me here or email me at *Strongly suggest user to purchase 2 pieces of the bezel gasket. The gasket can get pinch or […]