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Regia Timepieces – Custom made patina dial Regia watches

Regia Timepieces has done it again ! This time with their custom made patina dial Regia watches. Each custom made patina dial is never the same. Patina is a thin layer that variously forms (a small amount of surface rust, without pitting) on the surface of metals. Tarnish produced by oxidation (rust) or other chemical […]

Regia Timepieces – New colour, new “發”design dial

Regia Timpieces has added a new design “發” dial in 6 colours to their collection. They are available in both engrave (code R105) and plain bezel (code R106). The 6 colours are Sunburst, Starburst, Crimson Red, Eclipse Orange, Flare Yellow, and finally a Raw Brass dial (this dial will patina over time). “發” is [pronouce […]

For sale : Twin-seal and Tri-seal (Triplock) crown + tube

Due to many enquiry for these generic Twin-seal and Tri-seal crown + tubes. Plus i am also using them for repair/replacement/modification for many sub homage, Seiko and Citizen watches. Stem thread are 0.9mm. Decided to purchase some and stock them instead of just looking for them when needed . So here they are. Price : […]

Seiko Stargate yobokies replacement bezel – gasket improvement

Hi guys, I just installed the yobokies replacement bezel for my Stargate Soxa mod. The review can be found here : Today i noticed that the bezel although has a firm side movement but its rather shaky on the up/down movement. I have suspected that the up/down movement is due to the supplied bezel […]

For sale : Various Seiko bezel gasket for 6309, 7002, SKX007, SKX779 (Monster), SNZH51 (FFF), Samurai, Tuna SBBN013 and MM300

Updated 13 July 2018 (added new modern 62MAS SPB051/53 and New Samurai bezel gasket) For sale, various Seiko bezel gasket. Contact me for paypal details. Shipping : Flat (shipping international too) Interested, pls contact me here or email me at *Strongly suggest user to purchase 2 pieces of the bezel gasket. The gasket can […]