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Resizing the Seiko reissue Turtle bracelet – Brief tutorial

Edit : 11 Sept 2017 (added info on 2 types of Seiko bracelet collar design) Since i will be resizing my Seiko reissue Turtle bracelet, i thought i might as well write a tutorial on it. Removal What you need : a) bracelet removal tools (available on the ebay for a couple of dollars) b) […]

Seiko reissue Turtle – Compare with vintage turtle 6309 and Dagaz Tsunami

Edit : 2 Jan 2015, added size dimension for all 3 watches. Edit : 10 Mar 2015, added some mod info. Sorry this may be a long article as i am trying not only to review the new Turtle Reissue but also compare it against the vintage Turtle 6309-7040/49 and the Dagaz Tsunami. If you […]

For sale : Custom 22mm springbar for Seiko Diver – for leather strap usage

edit : 21.4.2018 (more application) I was frustrated looking for a suitable springbar to swap leather strap in my Seiko SKX and 6309 diver watch. The Seiko’s Fat Springbar at 2.5mm diameter body is too fat for leather strap and other rubber/silicon strap ends. They are also very difficult to remove too ! During the […]