Monthly Archives: May 2014

For trade / sale : 18mm and 20mm black leather strap

For sale black leather strap in either 18mm or 20mm. These are new strap which have not been mounted onto any watches. Come with the buckle as shown in photo below. I have about 20 set of each size available. They will be wrapped in plastic covering, into envelop and shipped via registered air mail. […]

For trade / sale : Citizen vintage diver NY2300 – collection

Some one in the forum actually ask me for a photo of my Citizen vintage diver NY2300 collection. Since i am posting there, so i thought i may be a good idea to post here in my blog too. Here it goes : ————————————- Edited : 24 June 2014. Decided to sell the above collection […]

For sale : Seiko 7S36 movement – (SOLD)

SOLD For sale, a 7S36 with black day/date. Just checked and give it a shake and it started to life. Its from a SNZH57 which was mod to a 6R movement. A used stem will be included. It will be packed in a movement case for safety sake. Since its been storage for 1 – […]

For sale : Bezel gasket for SEIKO SNZH51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 60 (aka FFF watch)

For sale new bezel gasket for SEIKO SNZH51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 60 (aka FFF watch). Gasket can be supplied either dry or pre-lub with silicon grease. SNZH51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 60 (aka FFF watch) bezel gasket ($4 each) – (new stock) Shipping : Flat $6 (i am willing to shipping international too) Interested, […]

For trade / sale : a pair of Seiko 6119-6023 (Black & Silver dial)

For sale is a pair of Seiko 6119-6023 (Black & Silver dial) Selling both at $200. Trade : let me know what you have. Both are working, Silver dial one is running about 30 sec fast per day, while the black dial one is about 4-5 sec fast per day. Do not know when was […]

Typhoon TII vs T2 ; of the same configuration !

I have the opportunities to compare 2 pieces of  Dagaz Typhoon in the same Classic configuration (T2 vs TII). Yes ! Same dial, same crown, same 6R movement, same bezel insert. From the external, they looks almost the same ! except one is on rubber strap and one in bracelet. On closer inspection, the TII […]

Dagaz Typhoon T2 , TII and Seiko 6105-8110

Received my Dagaz Typhoon TII finally after near 2 years wait ! Phew. A brief summary on all the 3 watches. Vintage Seiko Diver 6105-8110 Typhoon T2 custom build – 7s26 movement Typhoon TII classic build – 6R movement (NE15) Some photos. for all to view.