I am a watch lover. I collect watches as a hobby and have many brands of watches in my collection which include modern and vintage from many makers.  I love both quartz and mechanical movement watches.

Quartz for their accuracy and easy of maintenance, mechanical for their durability and complexities.

Seiko i one of my favorite due to its affordability and availabilities. Seiko is also a norm in the modding industries which many custom parts and custom watches are constantly being made.

I love modding for its customization and unique one-of-a-kind timepiece.

In the course of maintaining my collection and modding, i have purchased many original and replacement parts. Broken watches and broken movement are also a source as some parts are no longer available. (Note ! all watches needs maintenance ! Quartz or Mechanical !)

Some time these purchases are for JUST one small part that i need. Or a requirement for Min-Order-Qty basis. That means i will need to buy 50-100 pcs ! Just for 1-2 pcs that i need !

So i created this blog to resell them. Some of these are excess parts that i may no-longer needed them, some (like hands, gasket….etc) are new which i would like to share with other hobbyist like me.

Shipping is an expensive affair for sending these items but i have no choice as its needed in order to ship them to you. I am sure you understand.

Anyway, if there is any queries. Please do not hesitate to contact me @ seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com

Thanks for reading my blog !









  1. Marco Cheung · · Reply

    I am from Hong Kong,I have a seiko 6309watch but missing few parts,do u have those parts
    2-movement retaining
    3-crown(which is not work to lock)

  2. Hi ,

    I am sending you an email on your parts issue. Pls do check.

  3. Derrick · · Reply

    I need a few stems for a Seiko 6R15/NE15 movement. Do you have any?
    Thanks very much

  4. Hi , i do have the stem for 6R15/NE15

    Kindly email me at seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com

  5. Hi there im looking for a 7s26A stem and crown (Seiko 5 normal not divers) Is there any available? I searched and many people say that 7s26 and 7009 stems are swapable is it true?
    Thanks in advance

  6. As far as i know, there is some difference between the 2 stems.
    Yes, some say they are interchangable. I am not sure as i have not tried them.
    If you need 7009 stem, they are here :

  7. RelojHolic · · Reply


    The review about the Regia is online, there is photos of the watch, it is on my blog and also relojesespeciales.com the biggest spanish forum of watches.



  8. Thanks Cesar.

  9. Jonas Simaitis · · Reply

    I have an skx007K and a jumbo crown. What stem do I need to install the jumbo crown?


    1. What is the movement used ?

  10. alfred wan · · Reply


    i had emailed you my request and hope u receive my mail. I am looking for see thru back case for my sumo. hope u have some for sale.

    1. Replied you email.

  11. Malcolm · · Reply

    Hello, Chasing a base plate, timing wheel and mainspring fot 6309-7040.

  12. Having Seiko 7002-7001 watch. Accidentally lost the ball bearing and spring when tried to open the bezel. Do you have these parts? Even the agents here in Spore dont have these parts

    1. Hi Zegna, for the ball bearing, use the tip of a 1mm BIC ball point pen. For the spring, find a 1.78mm spring bar and secure the inner spring. Trim to length.

  13. Ian Farrant · · Reply

    Hi, I looking for a replacement stem and crown for my seiko 1960s sportsman watch and have no idea which one to get. please can you help.
    regards ian

    1. Hi, you will needs the movement caliber ref. number in order to source for a new stem or crown.
      Photo will provide additional help too.

      1. Ian Farrant · ·

        Hi I will send you photos via your email address link above.
        the watch is seiko sportsman calendar and the numbers on the back are
        thank you for your help, it will be good to wear again as it works very well.
        regards Ian

  14. Email replied sir.

  15. Vlado Segvic · · Reply

    Hello Chuen,
    I am looking to buy a microbrand watch (Helm Vanuatu to be exact), which has NH35 inside.
    I would like to wear it with crown on 9 o’clock instead of 3 (with white date wheel still staying at 6 o’clock).
    From what I understood the producer, this requires custom date wheel, and turning the face of the watch 180 degrees.

    Do you have a custom date wheel as described, or where could I search for this?

    If I could get one, I would take the watch to the local repair shop and do the switch.

    Please advise.

    1. The maker is correct. By rotating the case and crown 180 deg, the date wheel will be upside down.

      Unfortunately, this kind of date wheel is very hard to find. I have only seen modder printing a thin sticker and pasting it over the existing wheel.

      1. Vlado Segvic · ·

        From what I understood and seen on pictures, it would not be a problem of orientation of the numbers (upside down), but the fact that the window would show in between dates (as it has 31 numbers, so it’s not symmetrical when you turn it 180).
        I don’t suppose TMI would be willing to make a small batch of custom wheels.

        Anyway, what is the material of the date wheel?
        Maybe I could get it CNC machined or 3D printed if it’s plastic.

      2. From what I understand TMI will only produce custom products on provision of sufficient qty.

        The date wheel is made from plastic.

        Still I believe the easiest solution is via a custom made sticker of sufficient thickness.

  16. Hi Chuen,

    I have an SKX which continually stops so I want to change the movement to a havkable NH3x equivalent. Do you have the components that I would for this mod?

    Regards Tom

    1. Hi ,
      I do have the needed parts for the conversion :
      -NH36 movt,
      -the plug & play S-crown+stem
      -Mod hands (if you are looking into some customization)
      Send me an email to seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com

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