Monthly Archives: December 2017

Hands-on DIY SKX to NH36 upgrade !

As per many reader request, today i would like to do a hands-on DIY SKX to NH36 upgrade tutorial. (thanks to Brian Gregg for the project). Its has been discussed in the below 2 articles, but some reader still finds it confusing on the DIY mod. Therefore, this article is a tutorial and probably a […]

Crystaltimes Double Dome sapphire for Regia Armare Regatta series

Base on REGIA crystal dimensional specification, CrystalTimes has send us their double dome sapphire alternative for those whom always wanted that extra thickness and dome sapphire crystal. REGIA now has 3 crystals offering for their Regia Armare Regatta case set : a) the original slight dome sapphire, b) plexiglass dome, c) CrystalTimes sapphire extra thick […]