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Custom springbar for Seiko SRP639K (Monster Tuna) on mesh bracelet

Edit : add more photos (10.3.2015) Hi guys, i just installed a mesh bracelet on the Seiko SRP639K (nick named Monster Tuna). It sure looks good on mesh bracelet ! Below the photo : The reason for this post is to recommend and suggest the suitable springbar when installing mesh bracelet or leather strap. The […]

STEINHART “Nav B-Uhr 44 handwinding, bronze”

Got an opportunity to secure a Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm in bronze and with the ETA 6497 manual winding movement yesterday, thanks ‘Hwa’ for the deal. I am happy on this procurement as i have a similar Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm but in stainless steel and its a good match to a pair. I remember […]

DIY charging the Citizen Ecodrive and Seiko Solar watches

Most people keep their watches in the drawer, watch case, watch box…..etc when its not in use. Its fine for mechanical watches and quartz watches (dont forget to refresh those batteries before it leaks !). Citizen Ecodrive, Seiko Solar, even the Casio Tough Solar needs a little sun tanning once in a while to refresh […]

For sale : Stem extender

Got some extra stem extender for sale. ——————————————————————————- Please contact me for paypal details. Shipping : Flat $10 (i am willing to ship international too) Shipping is the same, combine qty is OK. ———————————————————————— (0.9/0.9) ($1 each) Mainly use to extend a stem or repair a broken stem. (0.9/1.2) ($2 each) Mainly use for […]

Seiko Prospex SRP637 and SRP639 aka Monster Tuna

*I am back from travelling. Time to do the brief review as promised. ———————————————– The temptation is great, had to buy the Seiko Prospex SRP637 and SRP639 – nicked named Monster Tuna. The 3 new Seiko Prospex model available are SRP637, 639 and 641. They are now upgraded to the Prospex status ! with the […]

Seiko SRP585 and SRP587 aka MoHawk

Yeoman blog showed the new Seiko SRP585 and SRP587. While i am not interested in these watches but can’t help but to criticizes on those bezel. See the below pic and you’ll know what i mean………….. ehh If i ever buy this model, it will only be for those hands and dial……… hehe……. Seiko, what […]