New Seiko Samurai – Blue Lagoon SRPB09 Limited Edition

I have the opportunity to own the new Seiko Samurai – Blue Lagoon SRPB09 Limited Edition. I know its kind of late since its been launched like some 2-3 months back. Anyhow, better be late than never ! Here are the photos of the watch and package :

Model number – SRPB09
Model Year – 2017
Crystal – Hardlex
Case material – Stainless steel
Case diameter – 43.8 mm (previous model is 42mm)
Case Thickness – 13.50mm
Band Material – Stainless steel
Lug width – 22 mm
Bezel function – Unidirectional
Crown : screw down
Special features – Stainless steel bracelet with scuba extension
Movement – 4R35
Water resistant – 200 Meters

Just resize the bracelet to my wrist. Note the collar is at the inner bracelet link :

I am not going to review the New Samurai – Blue Lagoon, as you can find them in on the internet.

I am going to compare it against the previous release issue rather ! Here are some photos which i will explain the obvious differences between them :

Movement :
Previous model Samurai – 7S26 non-manual winding , non-hacking.
Current model Samurai – 4R35 with hcking and manual winding.

Lug – Both has drilled lug. There is obvious difference on the lug in terms of finishing and profile. The earlier version lug is longer and brush finishing is sharp. On the Blue Lagoon, the lug is shorter and brush finish is softer and rounded too.

The new Samurai case is slightly bigger at 43.8mm (previously 42mm). The same goes for the side profile. The brush finishing is better on the previous Samurai is pretty obvious. The lug curve on the old Samurai is also more pronounce.

Missing on the new Samurai case is the 2 round “dots”.

*Below pix not mine but from the internet. Its shows the previous Titanium Model with the same crown guard and 2 side case “dot”.

Fortunately the bracelet quality on both model is excellent. Just difference in size only ; with the new Samurai being bigger.

End lug are also solid on both bracelet.

For the back case, some how i still think the finishing the on the previous model is better.

Marco shots on the dials :

PS : i prefer the hands on the previous Titanium model.

*Not my pix but from watchtime which shows the typical hands differences.

Wrist shot :

At time of writing, Seiko has launched 4 more new Samurai model :

SRPB049 Blue bracelet – Retail S$669
SRPB051 Black bracelet – Retail S$669
SRPB053 Pepsi Rubber – Retail S$599
SRPB055 Black/Gold Rubber – Retail S$696

Getting rob by Seiko again soon !

*I am not sure if the crown on the below photos are a defect or Photoshop error.



  1. Do you know if the new bracelet fit the old model?

    1. Unfortunately it does not fit.

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