L.C.B.I. Lume bezel for Seiko SKX, 7002, 6309 divers

EDIT : 2/8/2017 – piss….added 10% promo code IGLCBI for www.lcbistore.com

After completion of the modding the Turtle Reissue and experiencing the lume bezel insert from L.C.B.I.


I was wondering if i can further improve my earlier SKX mod.



I contacted Mr Carlos of L.C.B.I. if he has any similar lume bezel for the SKX.
Although listed that L.C.B.I has only Planet Ocean Style lume bezel insert. Currently L.C.B.I now has Classic Seiko Style (see pix below)

L.C.B.I. can be reached at lumedceramicbezelinserts@gmail.com


Upon securing the SKX lume bezel, as i have many SKX, 7002, 6309 divers which all can use the single L.C.B.I. SKX lume bezel. Its a difficult decision which watch will deserve the upgrade……!

Took a few for trial and mock-up review.

Finally selected either the Dragon Shroud SKX or the Black PVD coated SKX.

Lets try it on the Dragon Shroud SKX.
As its a very simple plug & play swap. I will not explain on the bezel/insert removal. You can read it on the above link which had already explained on the procedure. *Just watch-out not to pinch your bezel gasket during re-installation.

The important lume shot.

NOW lets try on the Black PVD coated SKX :

The important lume shot.

I like the L.C.B.I lume bezel on the Black PVD coated SKX better. So i am leaving it in this watch !

Love the new lume bezel SKX ! Get one of these guys !





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