Murphy Coin Edge bezel for Seiko Solar Diver (SNE107, SNE109, SBDJ001)

I have got this Seiko Solar Diver SNE107. Bought it as i have a collection of Citizen Ecodrive Diver, and thought its good to add a Seiko Solar diver too. The Seiko Solar Diver SNE107 looks like this :

SNE107b SNE107a

As you can see the star shape bezel is rather divisive but the dial and hands are attractive.

Recently Murphy Manufacturing Company Inc. started offering their Coin Edge Bezel replacement model SE3050 for the SNE107. I jumped into the wagon and purchased one from them.

Photo 30-9-15, 2 59 06 PM (1)

They can be purchase here :

Instruction to remove & install the bezel here :
(note : that the bezel is not clicking, therefore the Seiko’s click spring is not use in the replacement re-installation.)

Photo 30-9-15, 3 38 17 PM

For the bezel removal. Its was a tough fight. Fortunately i did not get much scratches as i had it tape up.

What i did was to ply one side first. Insert some small toothpick debris into the gaps.
Ply the other end (the tough work) with a Swiss army knife [for its thinner blade] and manage to pop it out.

Reinstall the new bezel also needs a press unlike the usual Seiko SKX diver procedure.
(That means it will be an equal tough fight to remove again too !)

Nevertheless in view of the difficult in removal, i installed the Murphy’s SE3050 with a new gasket and plenty of fresh silicon grease.

Those who needs some new gasket, you can get it here.

OK, job done ! Now its time to choose the desired bezel insert ! Couple of choice from my own collection of insert from Dagaz.

See photos below :

Photo 30-9-15, 4 18 37 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 19 14 PM  Photo 30-9-15, 3 54 29 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 04 49 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 07 35 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 11 53 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 12 14 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 12 31 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 12 58 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 13 35 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 14 27 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 14 43 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 15 31 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 15 53 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 16 32 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 17 10 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 17 53 PM

My final selection was the SKX bezel insert. In my opinion some how looks more matching to the dial and hands. An influence probably from the many SKX diver i have.

Photo 30-9-15, 4 41 21 PMPhoto 30-9-15, 4 41 48 PM Photo 30-9-15, 4 41 38 PMPhoto 30-9-15, 4 43 02 PM

Wrist shot

Photo 30-9-15, 4 42 45 PM


The Murphy SE3050 Coin Edge bezel really transform the SNE107 into another watch. A Solar Diver that Seiko should have produced in the first place !








  1. It’s not good job. It is VERY good job! 🙂

  2. Thanks anabuki.

  3. Sheesh, it looks so much classier with the aftermarket bezel! Really dislike the shiny blingy OEM bezel, just ruins a nice watch. Looks like the cost of the Murphy bezel plus an insert, when combined with shipping, approaches 50% of Amazon’s current price for this watch, though…ouch!

  4. Well mod parts are never cheap.
    At least it does transform the SNE solar into a proper looking diver watch now.

  5. Yeah, I wonder if Seiko deliberately uglified their Solar and Kinetic dive watches in order to avoid a huge collapse in sales of their automatic dive watches, which are far more tasteful-looking.

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