Seiko’s diver watch usually comes with rubber strap or metal bracelet. The metal bracelet can be easily shorten with a few simple tools. The rubber strap although has many holes to accommodate different wrist size but usually ends up with a strap tail for small wrist owner. Seiko has a few rubber strap design, the […]

The Regia Skull Dial (RSD) is feature on the watchisthis magazine. You can read it here (page 94 and 95). Thanks Martin for the article !

Edit : 16.8.16 -yobokies bezel ring arrived.  Completion ! Edit :(5.8.16) -decided that the Dagaz Air Diver dial is not suitable for the FFF case. Swapping to a black 3,6,9,12 FFF dial instead. -for the movement, i have decided to have a Swiss quartz conversion instead as it never been done before ! The FFF […]

All Seiko fanatic loves the SBDX001 aka MM300. A monoblock cased 300m diver. The MM300 has been around for some 13-15 years and has went thru a bracelet clasp (extension) revision. Otherwise all design and looks remains the same. This is how a SBDX001 (MM300) looks like : Recently i believed with the PADI (Professional […]

Edit : 15.7.16 (completion !) Hi guys, hope you enjoy the last Seiko Stargate mod. Just acquired another Seiko Stargate case. This time its a Stargate II version, which crown has a 4R36 stem ; instead of the older 7S26. Yobokies bezel has been purchased and arrived at the same time. Below are […]

Here are some double flange spring bar in lug size of 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. These stainless steel spring bar are slightly thicker and stronger body than the 1.5mm generic ones. They are commonly use in Swiss, Seiko, Citizen dress watches. They are available in 5 lug sizes (18, 19, 20, 22, 24mm) […]

Here is the good news ! The new Seiko Solar Tuna is here ! I am waiting for the stock to arrive to the local AD. Here is some photos from the net. 6 models is release with a Freemans Sporting Club Exclusive (SBDN029). So far , we know its powered by the V147 Solar […]