Edited : 4/4/2017 (add pix) After doing the “Triple charge your Seiko SKX007 with Dragon Shroud, Jumbo crown and a NH36 !” article. ( https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/review-triple-charge-your-seiko-skx007-with-dragon-shroud-jumbo-crown-and-a-nh36/ ) . I have been receiving many request to do a tutorial for  updating the SKX007 <or SKX009> to the later NE15 (6R15) or NH35 (4R35) movement while highlighting the […]

REGIA has announced their new product for 2017. The Regia Diver (code named Armour Fish). Regia Diver 2017 – Pre-order (free shipping) OR – Click Here It is a 600m water resistance, stainless steel diver watch with a 2pm crown position. The Regia diver has a removable protective shroud with a build-in HEV (Helium Escape […]

Seiko’s diver watch usually comes with rubber strap or metal bracelet. The metal bracelet can be easily shorten with a few simple tools. The rubber strap although has many holes to accommodate different wrist size but usually ends up with a strap tail for small wrist owner. Seiko has a few rubber strap design, the […]

The Regia Skull Dial (RSD) is feature on the watchisthis magazine. You can read it here (page 94 and 95). https://issuu.com/watchisthis/docs/watchisthis_summer_2016 Thanks Martin for the article !

Edit : 16.8.16 -yobokies bezel ring arrived.  Completion ! Edit :(5.8.16) -decided that the Dagaz Air Diver dial is not suitable for the FFF case. Swapping to a black 3,6,9,12 FFF dial instead. -for the movement, i have decided to have a Swiss quartz conversion instead as it never been done before ! The FFF […]

All Seiko fanatic loves the SBDX001 aka MM300. A monoblock cased 300m diver. The MM300 has been around for some 13-15 years and has went thru a bracelet clasp (extension) revision. Otherwise all design and looks remains the same. This is how a SBDX001 (MM300) looks like : Recently i believed with the PADI (Professional […]

Edit : 15.7.16 (completion !) Hi guys, hope you enjoy the last Seiko Stargate mod. https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/seiko-stargate-7s26-movement-the-wait-for-bezel-continue/ https://seikoparts.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/seiko-stargate-yobokies-replacement-bezel-gasket-improvement/ Just acquired another Seiko Stargate case. This time its a Stargate II version, which crown has a 4R36 stem ; instead of the older 7S26. Yobokies bezel has been purchased and arrived at the same time. Below are […]