Crystaltimes Big Bubble for Regia Armour Fish Diver – Green and Purple AR coated

Edit : 14/12/2017 (added CrystalTimes B.B. Flame AR)

Ref. to my earlier article on CrystalTimes Double Dome and Big Bubble sapphire for Regia Armour Fish Diver.

CrystalTimes has just released 2 more new Big Bubble with Green and Purple AR coating.

*CrystalTimes has added a NEW Big Bubble with Flame AR (see below).

The Flame AR has different hue at different angle.


I will not touch on the details of these CrystalTimes sapphire as its already cover in my earlier article.

I immediately set to work and install the Green AR Big Bubble sapphire onto the Green Scuba Ghost Diver and the Purple AR Big Bubble sapphire onto the Blue Edition Regia Diver. Here are the results :

Green AR Big Bubble

-The Green AR Big Bubble suit the Green Scuba Ghost Dial very well ! It has a green strap which matches. Now we just needs a green shroud !

Purple AR Big Bubble

-The Purple AR Big Bubble compliments the Regia Blue Edition Dial presentation too ! Having a Blue shroud and Blue strap certainly gives it a extra edge.

Blue AR Big Bubble (earlier version)

-Here is the earlier Blue AR Big Bubble. You can see that the chapter ring ‘floats’ with the Big Bubble effect.

Just-in ! (14 Dec 2017)

NEW ! Flame AR Big Bubble (not for the faint-hearted !)

The Flame AR isnt that bad when installed on light colour dial (white, light green….etc).

On the White Scuba Ghost Dial, the lume is still visible and now has a bluish tint.

*CrystalTimes also has a version which is non-AR coated.

Mr Sunny of CrystalTimes agent can be reached here :



  1. Michael Davis · · Reply


  2. Thank you , appreciated.

  3. Reat write up, love the detail shots it really helps to shoe the various color options! I got a hold of crystal times and Apparently the flame AR coating is no longer available 😦 you wouldn’t happen to have one that fits an skx007 that you’d want to get rid of would you? 😉

    1. Oh, I was told the CrystalTimes local agent have also sold out these too.

      Would suggest that you get in touch with CrystalTimes again and express your interest for them to restart the production for these item.

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