2018 New variants and New shrouds for Regia Armour Fish Diver

Regia Timepieces has launched 6 new variants of their 2018 Regia Armour Fish Diver watches.

You can find there here – Regia Diver

2018 New edition

Grey Sunburst

Angry Eye

Green Scuba Ghost

White Scuba Ghost

2017 Black edition (in Gold and Silver tone)

2017 Blue edition (in Gold and Silver tone)

Also added are 5 new colored shroud which you can interchange. Therefore, you only needed 1 watch and purchase additional shroud for different mood and looks.


7 colours in total !

Blue (NEW)
Gold (NEW)
Silver (NEW)
Gun (NEW)
Brown (NEW)
Black (Existing)
Solid Brass (Existing)

BLUE – great for the Blue sunburst edition dial series

GUN – great for the NEW coming Grey sunburst dial series

BROWN – for those who want the patina look without going thru the process

GOLD – good match for the Goldtone Diver

SILVER – good match for the Silvertone diver

BLACK – existing

BRASS (will Patina with time) – existing

• sufficient mix and match option and choices !!!

You can purchase these additional shroud here : https://regia-timepieces.com/collections/regia-diver-armour-fish

Thats alot of choice !


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