Upgrading the Turtle Reissue SRP779

EDIT : 2/8/2017 – piss….added 10% promo code IGLCBI for www.lcbistore.com

Everyone knows i am a 6309 Seiko Freak. At one stage i owned about 50 pieces of them both cushion and slim case model. I had refurbished and modded many pieces. Today i still own some 15 pieces in both original, refurbished and modded conditions.

When Seiko launched their SRP series of Turtle Reissue (SRP773, 775, 777, 779). I grabbed the whole bunch of them (4 pcs) from the AD. I also have a chance to grab the Seiko Prospex SRPA21 PADI Turtle model .

Last month, i have gotten myself another Seiko Turtle Reissue SRP779 (Pepsi) from Qoo10 who is having a sale. Have been modding for others, this time my intention is to upgrade and modify the New Turtle for myself !

Upon receiving the New Turtle, i started to inspect it and discovered it has misaligned chapter ring (as reported by many people) and this unit has a misaligned bezel insert too ! My earlier Turtle Reissue didnt have these issue ! But it didnt bother me too much as i will be dismantling them for modification and adjustment anyway !

Another issue i discovered was the rough machining marks found at the lug area (fortunately they are covered when strap are installed).

My idea is to upgrade the following :

a) swap the Hardlex crystal to Sapphire (i especially like those with chamfered edge as it makes it looks retro to the original 6309),
b) swap the bezel to a ceramic material insert with lume if possible on the markers,
c) swap the hands to some thing different and unique.

Sapphire crystal
I have previously purchased from Dagaz the sapphire for the 6309 with chamfered and slight dome, i reckon it can be used as the diameter @32mm are the same.

Bezel insert
I got from Mr Carlos of L.C.B.I. , he is really friendly and easy to deal with.
L.C.B.I. has 2 type of ceramic bezel insert for the SRP Turtle Reissue. The Planet Ocean Style and Marinemaster 300 Style. Both with lume markers.

I got both as i wasn’t too sure which is more suitable. The L.C.B.I. ceramic bezel insert comes in nice round container and is well package with protector inside. There is also double sided adhesive tape provided.

L.C.B.I. can be reached at lumedceramicbezelinserts@gmail.com


The hands
I got them from Regia Online Store. I used the minutes hand from the 8200 Remake and the hour hand from Straight laser cut model. I love the second hand as they are FULL lume (see below installed and nite lume pix).

Upgrade to Straight laser cut 3 hands – Hr/Min/Sec (free shipping)

Upgrade to Vintage 8200 remake laser cut 3 hands – Hr/Min/Sec (free shipping)

Lets start the modding !

Removing the Fat Springbar is a breeze with these drilled thru lug ! Thank you Seiko.

Lets see how the 8200 Remake hands will look on the Turtle Reissue !

Mmm….. Not BAD at all ! (Looks like the PADI Version !)

The bezel seems a little shaky for my liking, i suspect a pinched bezel gasket ! Fortunately i have some spare gasket in my parts store for the Turtle Reissue.


Lets remove the bezel, the case back knife will do the job nicely.

JUST as i suspected ! A pinched gasket.

Removing the original bezel insert is a bit tricky as they were holded by some pretty strong double side adhesive. I used an art scalpel knife to ply some gap before using the same case back knife to break the adhesive bond. Slowing and surely slide the case knife round the bezel to remove the bezel insert (i recommend the case knife as they are blunt and will not cause much damage to the original bezel insert ; so that they can be reused in future).

Next is to remove the case back and crown stem.

I noticed the crown seal is slightly different from those found in the SKX. On the Turtle Reissue, there is 2 seals, where as on the SKX, there is 1 seal.

2 seal vs 1 seal.

The dial size
Same as many other Seiko @ 28.5mm.
Note : there is a bigger Seiko dial @ 32mm

The Hardlex crystal thickness 2.86mm vs the Sapphire crystal thickness 3.05mm [dome and chamfered]. Both same diameter 32mm and should interchange well.

Now is to correct the misaligned chapter ring issue. There is a trick to this correction.

On the watch case, there is 2 dents (at 12pm and 6pm location).
On the chapter ring, there is 2 notch (also at 12pm and 6pm location).

*after removing the Hardlex crystal, do remember the position of the chapter ring.

From my experience on this correction, apparently it seems that Seiko’s chapter ring supplier may have some tolerance issue with the 2 notches (not the case dent). Many a times misaligned chapter ring watches (irregardless if J or K model) can be corrected by rotating the chapter ring 180 Deg.

There is no need to trim the chapter ring notch or adjust the case dent. Just rotate the chapter ring 180 deg. YES ! THATS IT !

Thanks me if you find this method useful.


Lets remove the hands and install the mod hands.

I used the minutes hand from the 8200 Remake and the hour hand from Straight laser cut model.

Installing the sapphire crystal and movement back to the case is just the reverse procedure from the above description.

The chapter ring and bezel insert is now corrected and aligned ! Piece of cake ! Phew !

Still wondering which bezel insert is more suitable.

The Planet Ocean Style

Marinemaster 300 Style.

Finally decided to use the Marinemaster 300 Style (at least for this week !).

The wrist lume shot.

More lume shots. Thanks L.C.B.I. for the great product.

Hope you enjoy the read.



  1. joey muniz · · Reply

    i just ordered the srp 779 seiko and wanted to ask what would it cost to have you make this watch like this one in your post, i truly appreciate it.

    1. Hi it’s pretty simple. Just get the 6309-7040 (vintage model) sapphire from Dagaz or CrystalTimes. The LCBI bezel insert and the hands from me. And all will be similar after install.

      Email me at seikoparts.wordpress@gmail.com

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