How to shorten your Seiko Rubber Strap

Seiko’s diver watch usually comes with rubber strap or metal bracelet. The metal bracelet can be easily shorten with a few simple tools. The rubber strap although has many holes to accommodate different wrist size but usually ends up with a strap tail for small wrist owner.

Seiko has a few rubber strap design, the most common and popular ones are the Z22 (or the B22). They are made from rubber and is pretty hard and uncomfortable of my liking. The best way to soften and seasoned them is to curl them with a rubber band and soak it with hot water and cold water afterthat.

The latest ones are made from a combination of rubber and silicon, they are softer and more comfortable too (but still too long).

p_20140902_1001081 p_dal1bp_d_large p_de39az_c_large s-dfl3eb_c_large

A check with a ruler and on the internet shows that Seiko tends to make their strap length as 100/140. I know Seiko made it extra long for scuba wet suit wearing but in the real usage most owner are desk diver ! That strap tail can be irritating ! Most strap length for medium size adult is around 80/120 or 90/120.


A Seiko enthusiast friend (travelmate2440) send me this clever way to shorten his Seiko rubber strap. He has a Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT SUN045 but find the strap tail too long and irritating.


He decided to shorten the long side of the strap to the desired length by trimming it.

img_4569 img_4568

The cut end was sand and re-shape with grit 600 sandpaper and finally a coat of wax.


Its now nicely shorten and wears more comfortably on the wrist without the strap tail poking out !

img_4572 img_4573

Nicely done(travelmate2440) !

Thanks for the tutorial and article contribution friend !




  1. Thank you so much for this excellent article ! Very helpful indeed !

    1. Glad it help you Franck.

      Submit your article if you have any too !

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