First ! FFF ‘Fifty Five Fathoms’ quartz project (SNZH57)

Edit : 16.8.16
-yobokies bezel ring arrived.  Completion !

Edit :(5.8.16)
-decided that the Dagaz Air Diver dial is not suitable for the FFF case. Swapping to a black 3,6,9,12 FFF dial instead.
-for the movement, i have decided to have a Swiss quartz conversion instead as it never been done before !

The FFF or ‘Fifty Five Fathoms’ Seiko homage has been around for a a few years. I have personally done up 4 pieces of the Seiko SNZH5X base on the various FFF dials from Dagaz for myself. So far i have the blue, black and gold mod FFF dial in my collection. I had done at least 10 pcs of these FFF with Dagaz dial, bezel insert, hands, 4R conversion mod for friends, peers and customers.

The Time Bum has done a similar dial mod review some time in April. You can read it here :

Just recently i have secured a SNZH5X case with all the other bits missing !
So i guess it will be another new FFF project with some extra mod ideas. Since i already had 4 pieces of the Seiko SNZH5X in FFF homage mod, for this new project, i may probably be using the Dagaz Air Diver dial instead (still thinking……!).

What i have and intend to do :
Seiko Snzh51 case (in my procession)
Sterile case back (parts from my own collection)
Triplock crown conversion (parts from my own collection)
Acrylic crystal conversion (parts from my own collection)

*maybe a Swiss movement conversion ?? quartz conversion ??

Needs the below parts :
Snzh51 bezel click spring (just arrived)
Snzh51 bezel ring (*ordered one coin edge from yobokies)

Parts on the way :
7S26 movt
7S26 stem (just arrived)
Dagaz dial (from my own Dagaz collection)
Dagaz hands (from my own Dagaz collection)

Anyway, here are the progress :

Secured Triplock crown/tube, acrylic crystal, sterile case back and the 1.78mm x 0.8mm springbar.

Photo 2-8-16, 6 26 16 PMPhoto 2-8-16, 6 26 38 PM

New 7S26 stem and bezel click spring arrived.

*I have bought extra 7S26 stems. If you need some you can get it here :

Photo 3-8-16, 5 34 10 PMPhoto 4-8-16, 4 47 24 PM

SNZH5X case send out to have its original tube pressed out,  re-drill and tapping to install the new triplock crown.
Now mounted with triplock.

Photo 3-8-16, 6 06 18 PMPhoto 3-8-16, 6 06 46 PMPhoto 3-8-16, 6 07 35 PMPhoto 3-8-16, 6 08 41 PM

Here are some photos comparing the original Seiko crown (only 1 inner seal) with the Triplock crown conversion (3 seals).

*Seiko original crown and stems are non-detachable format. With the Triplock, now i have the flexibility of using not only the Seiko 7S26 movement but also the 4R, 6R, NH36 movement……… or any suitable fitting movement conversion !

Photo 4-8-16, 5 56 04 PMPhoto 4-8-16, 5 56 56 PMPhoto 4-8-16, 5 55 31 PM

Ordered the yobokies Coin-Edge bezel ring today. Here is how it looks like (i didn’t order the optional bezel insert, will be using the original because they are made from glass !) :

snzh5x bezel

Test fit a Regia Timepieces NH35 (4R35) movement, click spring and the Dagaz Air Diver dial :

Photo 4-8-16, 1 26 17 PMPhoto 4-8-16, 1 25 58 PMPhoto 4-8-16, 5 18 44 PM

Test fit the original SNZH5X bezel insert without the bezel ring for idea how it will looks.

(note : Seiko bezel insert are made from glass ! They break easily !)

Photo 4-8-16, 4 50 53 PMPhoto 4-8-16, 4 51 15 PMPhoto 4-8-16, 4 50 21 PM Photo 4-8-16, 5 19 26 PM

Here is my current collection of SNZH5X (51, 53, 55 and 57).

Photo 4-8-16, 6 15 58 PM

I am still pondering the idea of which movement to use ?

7S26 ? 4R35 (NH35) ? – These are straight forward swap and install.

Or the extreme ! The Swiss movement conversion ? Quartz conversion ? (may be a first !)

Mmm…. movement spacer consideration and some height spacing may be required.


Its been decided ! It will be a Swiss Quartz conversion and the black 3,6,9,12 FFF dial instead.
Below is a mock up.

Photo 8-8-16, 4 33 42 PMPhoto 8-8-16, 4 54 39 PMPhoto 8-8-16, 5 20 38 PM

Applied some of my own magix lume.

Photo 5-8-16, 5 54 53 PMPhoto 5-8-16, 5 55 38 PMPhoto 5-8-16, 5 58 41 PM

Here is a video of the Swiss quartz :


yobokies bezel ring has arrived.
I immediately set forward to have it test fitted and gathers all the balance needed parts to complete the project.
Enough said. Here are the photos :
OK, all seems to fit well.
Removed the bezel once again and applied a layer of silicon grease on the bezel gasket (it really helps in smoothing the rotating movement).
Also install the bezel click spring.
Here is some picture of yobokies bezel compare with the original bezel.
Photo 15-8-16, 5 11 52 PM Photo 15-8-16, 5 12 25 PM
Here is the finished Swiss quartz powered FFF SNZH57 !
Photo 15-8-16, 5 06 11 PM
Some photos comparing with its 7S36 automatic sibling.
Photo 15-8-16, 5 11 32 PM
Here is a video on both different movement :

Wrist shot and more pix :

Photo 16-8-16, 6 04 53 PM  Photo 16-8-16, 6 07 20 PM

Project completed. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Cheers !




  1. Looks great! Is that an ISA 1198/32 attached with dial dots? Any issues with lining up the date window/stem?

  2. What is the strap you put it on?

    1. Oh, its a sail cloth strap.

  3. I was doing some FFF research and came across this page. Great build!

    Would you be interested at all in building a FFF with a screw down crown for sale as I’d be interested in commissioning one.

    1. There is 2 way we can do that.

      a) make me an offer for the watch shown in the article, which has the yobokies coin edge bezel, triplock, plexiglass, swiss quartz, FFF dial, sterile back case…etc
      b) send me your SNZHxx case to have it triplock.

      Send me an email to discuss.
      email :

  4. Great post. I am also looking for a sterile case back for an SNZH53. Where can I get one?

  5. Many thanks. If I wanted to fit a NH36 movement into my SNZH57, can I retain the original crown and stem?

    1. Yes, you can. The SNZH57 has a detachable stem/crown format.
      The NH36 will be pluck and play.

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