Seiko colourful MM300 ? Yikes !

All Seiko fanatic loves the SBDX001 aka MM300. A monoblock cased 300m diver.

The MM300 has been around for some 13-15 years and has went thru a bracelet clasp (extension) revision. Otherwise all design and looks remains the same.

This is how a SBDX001 (MM300) looks like :


Recently i believed with the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) collaboration, Seiko come out with this version of MM300 (Pepsi).
It is still a very nice looking MM300 in Pepsi colour format.

MM300 Padi

And than i saw Seiko’ s new colourful version of the MM300 (see below) for 2017 !
Oh dear Seiko ! What have you done ?

MM300b MM300c MM300d MM300a

It takes quite a while to adjust to the new funky colour on the traditional MM300.

Overall the blue dial is an acceptable addition, the greenish dial takes a bit more time for acceptance.
BUT the gold ? I am not sure……. ?  Just my opinion !

What you guys think ?


One comment

  1. Old is Gold… he he he.

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