New stargate II project.

Edit : 15.7.16 (completion !)

Hi guys, hope you enjoy the last Seiko Stargate mod.

Just acquired another Seiko Stargate case. This time its a Stargate II version, which crown has a 4R36 stem ; instead of the older 7S26.
Yobokies bezel has been purchased and arrived at the same time.

Below are the parts on hand :
a) case (it will needs a light polish and clean up)
b) Stargate II chapter ring
c) case back + new gaskaet (from own stock)
d) Stargate II stem (pre-mount with 4R36 stem)
e) Stargate II crystal (hate that magnifier, will find another/ may remove it) + new gasket (will need a new one)
f) Bezel spring
g) 22mm fat springbar


Parts that are in the process of acquiring :
a) new crystal / maybe mineral or sapphire but without that magnifier ! please.
b) new crystal gasket
c) NH35 movement
d) dial (i have not decided which style to go with yet…….)
e) sterile case back (just an idea)
I can use these actually
f) 3 hands (hr/min/sec) (i have not decided which style to go with yet…….)

As soon as i get all the above, will do a test fit, mock-up and post here.

Crystal dimension (for those who asked)
Dia 31mm x 2.37mm thk.
See pic below :

Photo 21-6-16, 1 50 55 PM Photo 21-6-16, 1 57 08 PM

Dial mockup
All dials are from Dagaz (Mr JakeB). Some mockup photos [on original chapter ring].

Photo 23-6-16, 5 59 52 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 46 29 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 48 22 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 50 30 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 51 09 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 51 54 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 53 56 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 55 32 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 56 51 PM Photo 23-6-16, 5 59 16 PM

Broke a crystal !
Opps !……. i broke a crystal during installation ! This is due to using the wrong dies size.  Fortunately i got myself a spare. Phew!
Also i have decided to use a Dagaz plain chapter ring, as the original Stargate II chapter ring has a hue of blue and is rather difficult to match with all the Dagaz dial.

Photo 24-6-16, 3 15 52 PM

Crown – SKX – Stargate interchange
I have also discovered that the SKX crown and the Stargate crown are actually interchangeable !
So modder/purist now has another option of using the Stargate II crown and stem for the SKX 4R mod ; instead of the rarer SARB059 crown and stem.

*i now have an option of using a 7S26 movement in the Stargate II case too ! by switching to the SKX crown. Cool.

Photo 24-6-16, 3 37 35 PMPhoto 24-6-16, 3 38 51 PM

Photo 24-6-16, 3 38 19 PM Photo 24-6-16, 3 39 08 PM

Sterile case back
Tried on the sterile case back.

Photo 24-6-16, 3 42 57 PM Photo 24-6-16, 3 43 47 PM

edit : 13.7.2016
Dial and movement (NH35) selected and installed

13615340_318485481816374_2698578434792968963_n 13626522_318485485149707_3113562139132412513_n

edit : 15.7.2016
Project completion !
With the Dagaz dial and NH35 movement fitted as above. Last are the hands.

The selected hands are from Dagaz painted in white and lume applied. Since the dial are also from Dagaz, the lume matches pretty well in terms of colour and brightness. The second hand comes from Regia and with its tip trimmed to the required length.

OK, enough writing. Lets see the end product rather.

Photo 14-7-16, 5 16 12 PMPhoto 14-7-16, 5 26 21 PMPhoto 14-7-16, 5 21 24 PM

Mount onto matching colour Nato strap.

Photo 14-7-16, 5 39 35 PM   Photo 14-7-16, 5 24 17 PM

Wrist shot

Photo 14-7-16, 5 24 47 PM

Together with the rest of the Stargates (I and II) collection.

Photo 14-7-16, 5 44 30 PM Photo 14-7-16, 5 42 28 PM

There you have it. The mod Stargate II project completed !

Happy modding !



  1. Matthew Stauffer · · Reply

    What type of chapter ring did you use? Do SKX chapter rings fit the Stargate II?

    1. No, they are different size.

  2. I am using the Dagaz pilot SRP27X chapter ring.
    *some sanding is needed to trim the height.

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