Timothy John custom painted skull dial for Regia Timepieces (Special Edition)

Regia Timepieces is pleased and honored to have Australian contemporary visual artist, Mr Timothy John to specially transform Regia’s “發” dial into Timothy John specialty skull dial painting. It is not an easy task as Regia’s “發” dial already has alot of detailing and sandwich in design. The master was able to skillfully fusion the art of Regia’s “發” dial and the Skull painting with the consideration of the Maiale (Pig) Manned Torpedo Submarine as the tooth of the skull ! Only the master is able to do that ! See the details below.

Photo 27-4-16, 3 41 20 PMPhoto 27-4-16, 3 41 41 PM

Only 2 pieces of these Timothy John’s painted Regia’s “發” and Skull dial were made. 1 in blue and 1 in red.

Photo 27-4-16, 12 19 17 PM

The blue Skull dial was encased in the Regia engraved bezel timepieces. It was represented back to the honorable Mr Timothy John as a gift.
Regia Timepieces hope Mr Timothy John enjoy his new watch !

Photo 27-4-16, 3 42 39 PMPhoto 27-4-16, 1 58 35 PMPhoto 27-4-16, 4 15 50 PM

Here is Regia Timepieces owned Timothy John’s painted “發” and Skull dial (red version), kept in value in the collection.

Photo 5-5-16, 2 23 41 PMPhoto 5-5-16, 2 39 36 PM

Here is a wrist shot :

Photo 5-5-16, 2 36 16 PM

Mr Timothy John’s work is represented by some of the finest galleries throughout his homeland of Australia and the rest of the world.
For more information on Timothy John work and representation, visit his website at http://www.timothyjohnfinearts.com/


Regia Timepieces would like to thanks Mr Timothy John for the specialty skull dial painting for Regia Timepieces.



  1. RelojHolic · · Reply

    Hi, It is possible to get one of this Timothy John dials?

  2. Yes, its possible.
    Send an email to sales@regia-timepieces.com

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