Resizing the Seiko reissue Turtle bracelet – Brief tutorial

Edit : 11 Sept 2017 (added info on 2 types of Seiko bracelet collar design)

Since i will be resizing my Seiko reissue Turtle bracelet, i thought i might as well write a tutorial on it.


What you need :
a) bracelet removal tools (available on the ebay for a couple of dollars)
b) bracelet pin removal tools (also available on the ebay for a couple of dollars)

Photo 27-12-15, 4 35 54 PM

Flip over the bracelet, you will find there is an “arrow” marking.
Insert the bracelet removal tool pin and turn the knob. It will push the securing pin out.

Photo 27-12-15, 4 36 39 PM

Remove the bracelet removal tool’s “knob”.
You will find the “collar” stuck there. Remove the “collar” and store properly (read : easy to loss).
Hint : i use my finger nail to scrap the “collar” while in a plastic bag.

Photo 27-12-15, 4 37 16 PM

Use the bracelet pin removal tool (or needle) and push out the securing pin.

Photo 27-12-15, 4 38 03 PM

You have successful separate the bracelet !

Photo 27-12-15, 4 38 25 PM


Basically the reverse, join the bracelet together.
“collar” should be on the ‘arrow’ marking side, while the securing pin on the other side.

Photo 27-12-15, 4 40 03 PM

Use the bracelet removal pin to push both end securely.

Photo 27-12-15, 4 42 18 PM

Below photo show how the “collar” should be install properly.

Photo 27-12-15, 4 41 16 PM

There you have done it !

Photo 27-12-15, 4 34 26 PM


Hope this tutorial helps ! Cheers.

*Thanks to David Braybrook (FB) for allowing to use these pix.

Additional information – Seiko has 2 methods of collar system used in their bracelet.

Please see below :





  1. Thanks for the tutorial. The only thing I thought you might want to add is that these collars will roll off a table and when they do, you will not find them anymore. After I learned my lesson I now resize these pin and collar bracelets on a towel which traps them.

  2. Thanks for the input Elmer.
    Yes, its good to have a paper towel to work on.

    For Pin and Collar, i usually trap them inside a small plastic bag (as describe above) and store them there before reinstall.

    Yes, these collar have wings ! It can disappear once it drop off.

  3. hi, will this work on the srp21 padi?

    1. Yes, procedure is similar.

  4. […] When Seiko launched their SRP series of Turtle Reissue (SRP773, 775, 777, 779). I grabbed the whole bunch of them (4 pcs) from the AD. I also have a chance to grab the Seiko Prospex SRPA21 PADI Turtle model .… […]

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