For sale : Custom 22mm springbar for Seiko Diver – for leather strap usage

edit : 21.4.2018 (more application)

I was frustrated looking for a suitable springbar to swap leather strap in my Seiko SKX and 6309 diver watch. The Seiko’s Fat Springbar at 2.5mm diameter body is too fat for leather strap and other rubber/silicon strap ends. They are also very difficult to remove too ! During the search most thinner springbar are either 1.78mm body diameter with smaller ends ; which is of no good and will elongate the lug holes with prolong usage for these Seiko diver.

Found a source to custom made these 22mm springbar for Seiko Diver watch whom uses 22mm fat springbar with correct ends. These custom springbar are in  2mm body diameter and correct 1.2mm end tip. Double flange for easy removal and stronger than the generic 1.78mm type. Most important it will not damage lug holes on prolong usage too.

They are suitable for use in Seiko SKX, 6309 driver watch, Monster Tuna SRP639, Seiko SRP653 Scallop, Seiko Stargate SRP493 (Ver1 and 2),  Seiko FrankenMonster SKZ255, Dagaz Tsunami.

Springbar – $5 for 4 pcs
International shipping – $10
Total = $15

Price : $15 for 4 pcs (2 pair) inclusive of shipping or you can make a payment here :

Contact me for paypal details.

Interested, pls contact me here or email me at

Please help support as its costly to custom made mold and fixture for these springbar for specific design. I have paid up front for it and hope it benefit all.


These are custom made for Seiko usage, will not damage lug. Below some photo of damage lug.


Seiko 20mm and 22mm fat springbar also available here :

Photo 29-10-14 10 49 47 amPhoto 29-10-14 10 41 53 am

Monster Tuna SRP639

Photo 17-12-15, 11 24 23 AM

Monster Tuna SRP227

Photo 17-12-15, 11 27 21 AM

Seiko SRP653 Scallop

Photo 17-12-15, 11 35 25 AM

Seiko FrankenMonster SKZ255

Photo 17-12-15, 11 31 16 AM

Dagaz Tsunami

Photo 17-12-15, 11 37 55 AM

Seiko Stargate SRP493 (Ver1 and 2)

Photo 17-12-15, 11 41 27 AM

Seiko Samurai SRPB049, SRPB51, SRPB53, SRPB55 SRPB09….etc.


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