For sale : Twin-seal and Tri-seal (Triplock) crown + tube

Due to many enquiry for these generic Twin-seal and Tri-seal crown + tubes.

Plus i am also using them for repair/replacement/modification for many sub homage, Seiko and Citizen watches.

Stem thread are 0.9mm.

Decided to purchase some and stock them instead of just looking for them when needed . So here they are.

Price : see the item description.

Shipping : $10 (international airmail + tracking)

Interested, pls email me at

7mm tri-seal <triplock> crown + tube ($22)

7mm trilock

7mm twin-seal crown + tube ($22)

7mm twinlock

6mm twin-seal crown + tube ($22)

6mm twinlock

5.5mm twin-seal crown + tube ($22)

5.5mm twinlock



  1. Peter Messinger · · Reply

    Does this fit seiko 6309/6306 diver? If yes how can i buy this?

    1. Due to the 6309/6306 case design.
      Its not a direct fitment.
      An insert will needs to be machined to adapt and extend the triplock tube.
      *also the original tube will needs to be drilled out.

  2. mark russell · · Reply

    Would these be suitable to replace a threaded tube on an SKX 007? Drill, tap, epoxy…. done?

    1. Hi, do you mean if the triplock can replace the SKX crown and tube ?
      Yes, it can replace (not a direct replacement), if you are handy to do like what you description…… drill, tap and epoxy.

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