Seiko Stargate yobokies replacement bezel – gasket improvement

Hi guys,

I just installed the yobokies replacement bezel for my Stargate Soxa mod.
The review can be found here :

Photo 12-11-15, 4 26 26 PM

Today i noticed that the bezel although has a firm side movement but its rather shaky on the up/down movement.

Photo 12-11-15, 6 24 53a PM

I have suspected that the up/down movement is due to the supplied bezel gasket.

Previously when i installed the yobokies bezel gasket, I did noticed that the bezel gasket is rather thin.
I suspect that it may not has sufficient protruding area to fill up the intersect groove on the Stargate case.


The test

To prove the issue on the thin gasket, i decided to remove the bezel and remove the supplied bezel gasket.
Reinstall the bezel ring again but this time without any bezel gasket.

The finding

The result was the bezel installed as normal, side movement and up/down movement is the same as when the thin gasket was there.
That means, if you can accept the bezel up/down bezel movement. There is no need to install the thin bezel gasket.

*unfortunately the up/down bezel movement is not acceptable to me.

The solution

The solution is really a simple one ! Get the Stargate original bezel gasket and swap it in ! Instead of using the supplied thin bezel gasket.

Photo 13-11-15, 1 38 38 PM Photo 13-11-15, 1 38 55 PM

You can see from the above photos that the supplied gasket and the original Stargate gasket has a big different in thickness.

Photo 13-11-15, 4 02 06 PM Photo 13-11-15, 4 00 54 PM

The Seiko Stargate installed with yobokies replacement bezel and original bezel gasket now feels firm and tight. It also rotate smoothly and the clicks is more positive too.

So if you have the same issue as above. The solution is right in front of you.



  1. Hi!

    Yobokies website is down and i’m looking to get a replacement bezel for my SRP 493. the pip fell off. 😦

    Any other places which supply it?


  2. Currently only yobokies makes the Stargate Bezel Ring.
    Give him an email .
    Tell him that Chuen from send you.

    1. Chuen! Thanks! I’ve emailed him just before seeing this! >< didn't mention your name though!

      How much did the bezel ring cost?

  3. I think its $80.

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