For sale : Various Seiko bezel gasket for 6309, 7002, SKX007, SKX779 (Monster), SNZH51 (FFF), Samurai, Tuna SBBN013 and MM300

Updated 23 Jan 2018 (added new modern 62MAS SPB051/53 bezel gasket)

For sale, various Seiko bezel gasket.

Contact me for paypal details.
Shipping : Flat $10 (shipping international too)

Interested, pls contact me here or email me at

*Strongly suggest user to purchase 2 pieces of the bezel gasket. The gasket can get pinch or cut if they are not install properly. Gasket can be pre-lub with silicon grease before shipping. Pls inform in advance.

MM300 Bezel gasket ($10 each) – (new stock 29/9/16)

Skx Bezel gasket ($4 each) – (new stock)

Monster bezel gasket ($4 each) – (new stock)

6309 Bezel gasket ($3 each) – (new stock)

7002 Bezel gasket ($3 each) – (new stock)

SNZH51 (aka FFF watch) bezel gasket ($4 each) – (new stock)

Seiko Tuna SBBN011 – 013 Bezel gasket ($10 each) – (8 pcs avail)

Samurai (SNM009, 011, 017, SBDA001, 003, 005 …etc) Bezel gasket ($6 each) – (New stock)

SKX031 / 033 – Bezel gasket ($4 each) – (new stock)

Seiko Solar Diver (SNE107, SNE109, SBDJ001) – Bezel gasket ($4 each) – (new stock)

Seiko Kinetic 5M43-0A48 – Bezel gasket ($4 each)

Seiko Stargate 7S26-04P0 (or 4R36-02Z0) series 1 & 2 – Bezel gasket ($4 each) – (new stock)

Seiko Kinetic Tuna SUN019, 021, 023, 045  – Bezel gasket ($4 each)

Seiko SRP777, 775….etc (fit basically all new Turtle Reissue bezel) – Bezel gasket ($4 each)

Seiko SNZF17 (aka Sea Urchin)  – Bezel gasket ($4 each)

Seiko SUMO SBDC003, 005, 031, 033….etc (fit basically all the SUMO cases) – Bezel gasket ($4 each)

SPBo51 / 053 (aka Modern 62MAS) – Bezel gasket ($4 each) – (new stock)

mm300 skx 6309Photo 11-3-14 2 24 51 pmPhoto 22-5-14 5 42 39 pmPhoto 15-7-14 5 21 38 pmeqe9epevPhoto 22-3-15 11 11 13 amPhoto 18-5-15 4 51 08 pmPhoto 30-9-15, 3 39 27 PMPhoto 24-10-15, 6 33 35 PMPhoto 15-11-15, 12 41 43 AMimg_3751




  1. Stig Østbø · · Reply

    Do you still have bezel for snm009??

  2. Hi, yes i do have the bezel gasket for the Seiko SNM009 (Samurai).
    Send me an email –

  3. hello
    am looking for a gasket for skx779, do you ahve any?

    1. Yes, its available.
      They are the same as the earlier Monster bezel gasket ($4 each).

  4. May I know , the gasket for bezel supposed to sit in the groove which is lower of bezel right? When it slipped up during pushing bezel in, bezel stiff to rotate .

    1. Yes, the bezel gasket is suppose to sit nicely and tightly into the bezel groove.
      Do stretch the gasket a little before installation.
      Do add some silicon grease to the gasket and groove too.
      When installation, do make sure the bezel is perpendicular otherwise the gasket may gets pinch.
      Best is to use a crystal press.

      *always buys an extra piece of gasket in case they break or pinch during installation.

      Good Luck and happy modding !

  5. Hello,
    how about Seiko Sumo gasket?

    1. Yes, i do have (2 pcs left).
      Didnt update the post yet.
      email me at

  6. I just purchased the Seiko SRP639… I was wondering if you knew if I could replace the black & yellow bezel with the Seiko SRP637 silver, metal bezel? If it is so, do you have or could you recommend where I find find the SRP637 bezel? Thank you so Much. Paul

    1. Suggest you scout the Seiko forum, or purchase thru the service centre.
      Another way is to sell the SRP639 and buy the 637.

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