Seiko Stargate (7S26 movement) – the wait for bezel continue ! (its HERE !)

Edit : 12 Nov 2015 (yobokies replacement bezel ring is HERE !)

The Seiko 200m Divers – SKZ323, SKZ325 and SKZ327). These are nick named the Seiko ‘Stargate’ due to the chevron shape bezel pips design.  It’s a Seiko diver watch from the “Superior” series, which means that the finishing is of a higher grade than the traditional SKX007. Its pretty obvious that the case finishing is almost on par with the Seiko JDM Sumo-level (Seiko Prospex SBDC001).



Seiko Scuba Divers 200m
Model SKZ325K1
Caliber 7S36-04P0 Twenty three jewels
ISO Certified Divers watch
Antimagnetic Type I
Domed Hardlex crystal

Diameter 44mm across
Lug width 22mm
Lug to Lug distance 50mm

*At the time of writing, Seiko has launched the 2nd series Stargate which house a newer 4R36 movement.


I have the series 1 Seiko Stargate case which was purchased without the bezel, dial, chapter ring and hands (the pips and the bezel went MIA accordingly to its previous owner). All Stargate owner [both series 1 and 2] seem to have inherited the “missing pips” syndrome with this watch.

The Stargate has a cross screw on the pips which always got loose and its pips drop-off.
I would strongly suggest to have some thread-lock glue applied to it to avoid the same.
Seiko Service Centre do not sell replacement pips but the whole bezel which cost Usd 60-65 each. (1/3 the cost of the watch !). In fact the lost pips happens so offen that there is a forum thread on it here ( !

*some of the photos are from the thread.


I have a done a mod on the series 1 (with a 7S26 movement) Seiko Stargate with the famous Dagaz Soxa Orange dial ( The matching Orange chapter ring also from Dagaz. White colour second hands done on purpose for better contrast <over the usual black second hand for Soxa mod>.  Photo below for idea :

Photo 28-9-15, 1 25 26 PM

I have applied an additional 2 layers of lume to both the dial and hands for colour matching and brighter effect.

Photo 28-9-15, 1 26 36 PM

An acrylic dome crystal has also been swap in over the usual Hardlex crystal.

Photo 28-9-15, 1 29 40 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 28 56 PM

Currently the mod work is completed and just awaiting yobokies Stargate replacement bezel ( which is in development stage. The Stargate replacement bezel is now available from yobokies.



I believed the yobokies replacement bezel will not have a bezel insert but an integrate one.

This is because in my bezel mockup (see pic below) almost all bezel insert inner diameter are too small while the outer diameter are too wide and will touch the lug ! Therefore denote that the traditional bezel insert size of outside diameter 38mm, inside diameter 31.5mm, a bezel insert size that fitted many Seikos will not fit !

Further investigation reveal that the original Stargate bezel is actually slanted to look wide.
yobokies replacement bezel will also needs to clear the crystal rim.

I was wrong ! yobokies has decided to produce the replacement bezel with a special custom size bezel insert. Its a good decision as it eliminate the chances of 12pm pips misalignment.



Standard bezel insert mock-up

Photo 28-9-15, 1 32 23 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 32 02 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 31 44 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 31 26 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 30 51 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 34 22 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 33 52 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 33 00 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 32 47 PMPhoto 28-9-15, 1 37 31 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 37 00 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 36 33 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 36 15 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 35 47 PMPhoto 28-9-15, 1 34 44 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 35 32 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 35 12 PM Photo 28-9-15, 1 34 57 PM


Some one in another forum has done a photoshop on how the replacement bezel may look like :

There is another guy <from Russia> who has done a smooth bezel as below :


He has done another interesting bezel replacement. I have contact him but has not got a response on purchasing it.

*23.10.2015, Seller has responded but the replacement bezel is secured with spring instead of gasket. Someone in WUS forum has purchased it earlier but commented that the bezel ring is not firmly mounted to the case and will fall off easily.


Let hope the replacement bezel will be available for purchase soon !


Edit : 4 Nov 2015 (yobokies replacement bezel ring is available now !)

I have ordered 2 pieces ! Keeping all update on the installation. Photos from yobokies photobucket below :



Edit : 12 Nov 2015

The yobokies Stargate replacement bezel has arrived. I will proceed with the installation and highlight my observation.

The package comes with 3 parts :

Bezel ring,
Bezel insert,
Bezel gasket

Photo 12-11-15, 4 26 26 PM

The bezel insert is a custom and it has an odd size.

Photo 12-11-15, 5 17 24 PMPhoto 12-11-15, 5 16 47 PMPhoto 12-11-15, 5 18 20 PM

I lubricate the bezel gasket with silicon grease and install it onto the bezel ring’s groove.

Photo 13-11-15, 4 00 54 PM

Install the bezel ring onto the Stargate case required a press as its tight but the fit it good and bezel clicks as it should.

Photo 12-11-15, 4 21 00 PM

I use GS Cement to apply to the rim of the bezel ring before installing the bezel insert. Centering the insert can be done easily before it cures.

gsPhoto 12-11-15, 4 21 10 PM

The bezel insert is a little higher than the crystal rim but its nice. This replacement bezel will solve the traditional Stargate Pips issue altogether.

Photo 12-11-15, 5 15 24 PM Photo 12-11-15, 5 14 18 PM Photo 12-11-15, 5 14 59 PMPhoto 12-11-15, 6 24 53 PMPhoto 12-11-15, 6 24 17 PM

Time for some wrist shot.

Photo 12-11-15, 5 57 10 PMPhoto 12-11-15, 6 05 25 PM

Lume shot of the Stargate Soxa mod.

Photo 12-11-15, 6 11 24 PM

With this replacement bezel the Stargate Soxa mod is now completed. Thanks to Dagaz and yobokies for making the parts.

Photo 15-11-15, 12 28 59 AM

Thanks for reading.




  1. Which dagaz chapter ring did you use?

  2. Use the SRP27x “PILOT” CHAPTER RING

  3. dpeete · · Reply

    Is the SRP27x the only chapter ring that fits, or have you tried others? Looking for something a little more vertical like on the SKX. Thanks!

  4. Havent tried other chapter ring.

  5. dpeete · · Reply

    Thanks… I ended up going with the stock one

  6. Stock is good enough. You can repaint it too.
    Even the SRP27X needs a little sanding to fit.

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