Review : Seiko SRP701K1 dress watch (GS alternative)

Edit : added some more photos with permission from Aditya Priyawardhana, thanks bro ! (his shots are good !)

Edit2 : 21/1/2016 added SRP703K1 (Black dial) photos from Xeticus.

I think Seiko has been secretly listening to the market feedback recently. Just this year 2015, Seiko has been releasing many special edition, limited edition, 130 Years Anniversary Edition, 50 Years Edition………etc. Most of the design and style are conforming to these market feedback. The thing is ! many of the new release are beautiful !

Friends who know me knew that i am not really a dress watch guy. I have a couple of Seiko dress watch (mainly King Seiko aka KS) and a few Swiss ones from my collection years back. Always wanted to add a vintage GS [Grand Seiko] to my collection but the price are pretty high.

The next best thing i initially thought was to add a Seiko SARB031 [also known as the Seiko Spirit] and is waiting for a used one to appear on the local sales forum. One of the reason i like the SARB031 is because of its similarity in looks to the Grand Seiko aka GS but at a fraction of the price. It also has a 6R15 movement which has hacking and hand winding features.

Just last week i got a call from my friend from Twinkle Electronic at Peoples Park, she informed that she has a Seiko dress watch of interest to me. I visited her and was presented the Seiko SRP701K1 from the Seiko Neo Classic. I bought it !

Photo 3-8-15 2 51 15 pmPhoto 3-8-15 2 38 21 pm

• Model : SRP701K1
• Collection : Neo Classic
• Gender : Men´s
• Time Indication : Analogue
• Functions : 3 Hands
• Mechanism : 4R35 Automatic with hacking and manual winding function
• Case Material : Stainless Steel
• Material of Strap : Stainless Steel Bracelet
• Type of Closure : Deployment Buckle
• Waterproof : 100m ( 10 bar / 10 atm )
• Calendar : Date only
• Case Dimensions : 42 mm Excluding Crown
• Luminescent : No
• Glass : Hardlex Mineral

The dial and hands immediately caught my attention. It is simple, slightly off-white, finely texture surface, without the Seiko5 logo, and only has a date opening. There are many Seiko5 in the market which has the GS lookalike, however the three distinct differential is the Seiko5 logo, day date and its opening position on the dial. The SRP701K1 has all the ingredient minus the GS emblem !

Photo 3-8-15 2 38 48 pm Photo 3-8-15 2 38 29 pm11855826_10152973777131260_4662606972096396114_n

The Neo Classic SRP701K1 has a modern size (42mm) and a big crown which match the case.

I got my NeoClassic SRP701K1 in bracelet but most probably it will give way to a crocs- leather strap soon.
The bracelet has a folded end-lug and lug size is 20mm (not drill thru). <mounted on strap, photos with permission from Aditya Priyawardhana>


Here is a comparison pic vs the Orient Star DV02003W vs GS SBGX063 for idea (not my pic but from the net).

SRP701k1 DV02003WSBGX063

Here is a wrist shot

Photo 3-8-15 2 39 05 pm11902266_10152973777221260_4239891609673198911_n

It is powered by my favourite 4R35 automatic movement ; which has hacking [stop second] and manual winding function.

Photo 3-8-15 2 40 20 pm Photo 3-8-15 2 39 55 pm11895946_10152973777256260_2428551635854552957_n

Here is some photos of the Seiko SRP701K1 compare with the Orient Star DV02003W {double the price !}. The GS will be probably cost 15X more !!.

Photo 3-8-15 2 57 01 pm Photo 3-8-15 2 57 19 pm Photo 3-8-15 2 57 35 pm Photo 3-8-15 2 55 06 pm Photo 3-8-15 2 56 27 pm

Twinkle Electronic
1 Park Road
#02-33 People’s Park Complex
Singapore 059108

Operating hours
Mon- Sun: 11:30am- 9pm
Mon-Sun: 11.30am-9pm


Seiko SRP703K1 (black dial) is similar to the above. Its also has a textured dial.


added Xeticus from WUS’s photos on the SRP703Ki. His photos are nicely taken and shows clearly the black dial SRP703K1 too has textured dial. (Thanks Xeticus for the permission to use your photos).

SRP703k1 2 SRP703k1 3 SRP703k1




  1. HI there, is there a black dial version of this watch?

    1. Yes ! There is.
      SRP703K1 but from my eye, it does not have the wave texture.

      Edit : there is a black texture dial on the SRP703.

  2. Nice detailing on the dial. Didn’t expect it for a cheap 4R. I don’t like the 5 logo as well!

  3. Looks really good! How much did it cost if you don’t mind me asking?

  4. Its cost me S$270.

  5. I am about to buy this watch. Do you recommend? Any issues so far? thank you.

    1. There is no issue with the SRP701.
      Go ahead to purchase it, you will love it.

  6. Do you know what strap that is in Aditya’s photo? I love the blue combination. I am waiting for the J version of this watch in the mail.

    1. Nope, no idea.

  7. sghunk · · Reply

    Do you think this will look big on a 6.25in wrist?

    1. Honestly by today standard, they will looks just nice. I too have a 6.25 inches wrist by the way.

  8. Beautiful i have the same,

    1. Yes, they certainly are ! and reasonably priced too !

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