For sale : Various new watch stem (NOS)

Edited : 3/8/16 (added 7S26 stem)

NOS watch stem for sale.


Free ! Plastic crown for new stem (the hole size is 0.9mm, suitable for below sale stem) <while stock last please !> (Sorry, all gone !)


6309 dress watch stem ($2 each)

Seiko Kinetic stem ($3 each)

ETA 278X stem ($2 each)

ETA 2824, 2836, 2842, 2834… stem ($2 each)

Stem repair extender (0.9/0.9) ($1 each)

Original Seiko Quartz VX50 stem (will fit all VX series) ($4 each)

Seiko 4205, 4206, NH05 stem ($2 each)

Orient 469xx stem ($3 each)

Seiko KS, GS, LM series with 56XX movement stem (5606, 5605, 5625, 5626, 5645, 5646….) ($4 each) – (Last piece !)

Seiko 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, 6R16, 6R20, 6R21 stem ($4 each) – new stock

Orient 57741 stem (basically Orient ladies movement) ($2 each)

Seiko 8305, 8306 stem ($4 each) – (2 pcs left)

Seiko 7002, 7009, 7019 stem ($3 each)

Seiko 7S26, 7S36 stem ($4 each) – 10 pcs


Please contact me for paypal details.
Shipping : Flat $10 (i am willing to shipping international too)

Shipping is the same, combine qty is OK.


6309 dress watch stem ($2 each)

Photo 28-10-13 5 33 14 PM

Seiko Kinetic stem ($3 each)

Photo 28-10-13 5 35 18 PM

ETA 278X stem ($2 each)

Photo 28-10-13 5 36 53 PM

ETA 2824, 2836, 2842, 2834… stem ($2 each)

*For 2824-2 only (check if yours is a 2824-1 or -2, they are different !)

Photo 28-10-13 5 39 16 PM

Stem repair extender (0.9/0.9) ($1 each)

Photo 28-10-13 5 44 33 PM

Original Seiko Quartz VX50 stem (will fit all VX series) ($4 each)

Photo 11-4-14 5 23 37 pm

Seiko 4205, 4206, NH05 stem ($2 each)

Photo 11-4-14 5 25 08 pm

Orient 469xx stem ($3 each)

Photo 11-4-14 5 26 11 pm

Seiko KS, GS, LM series with 56XX movement stem (5606, 5605, 5625, 5626, 5645, 5646….) ($4 each) – Last piece !

Photo 5-9-14 3 16 45 pm

Seiko 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, 6R16, 6R20, 6R21 stem ($4 each) – *new stock

*as you may know, these 4Rxx stem can be difficult to secure. Its was out of stock here for awhile. I have managed to secure 50 pieces of production stem with trimmed stem thread. If you are buying these stem for the Seiko SKX 4R/6R conversion, they will just “plug & Play” on the the aftermarket crown. They will be sold together with a stem extender (pre-fixed or separated, upto you).

Photo 1-5-15 10 58 37 am Photo 1-5-15 10 58 44 am

Orient 57741 stem (basically Orient ladies movement) ($2 each)

Photo 5-9-14 3 19 12 pm

Seiko 8305, 8306 stem ($4 each) – (2 pcs left)

Photo 5-9-14 3 20 01 pm

Seiko 7002, 7009, 7019 stem ($3 each)

Photo 5-9-14 3 20 59 pm

Seiko 7S26, 7S36 stem ($4 each)

Photo 3-8-16, 5 34 10 PM




  1. […] I am using my own SII NH36 stem which is pre-cut and pre-chamfer. Apparently you can fit the stem to the Jumbo crown WITHOUT any trimming at all ! Just screw-it on and install into the movement, what a luck ! You can find the stem here : […]

  2. Hi

    Does the SII NH36 stem only plug and play with the jumbo crown or with a regular sized after market crown as well? Also do you know of a source of 4R36 movements with white on black day and date wheels?


  3. Hi , the NH36 pre-cut stem will also work on regular aftermarket stem (for the SKX mod).
    Most NH35/36 comes in white day/date. Some of the black/white ones are swap btw the 7S with 4R (NH35). Star Time does have the NH35/36, but you need to register with them first before purchase.

    *i may bring in some NH36 if there is sufficient demand for it.

  4. Hi Sorry,

    I got my part numbers mixed up I’m actually looking to do the 4r36 (generic version is the NH35 I think) conversion and was looking for one of those movements in black (not the NH36). I’ve checked startime supply and they only seem to have the NH35 in white and weirdly with no day wheel. Do you know anywhere else that might sell a black original 4R36 or a generic black version with both day and date wheels.

    Thanks for the info on the stem, I was obviously also looking for the relevant 4R36 stem rather than the NH36 one I mentioned. Presumably this is plug and play with any aftermarket crown too?



  5. Hi Keith

    NH35 (4R35) = date only
    NH36 (4R36) = day/date
    Above 2 uses the same stem.
    The NH35 or 36 i see are mainly white day/date wheel.
    The black one you saw are either swap or Seiko’s 4R35/46 series, i believed.

    *NH35/36 and 4r35/36 uses the same stem.

  6. Hello
    2 questions please?
    Which is the the correct crown +stem for 4R15 Seiko SRP043?
    This crown has one o’ring or two?


    1. Hi Ntinos

      Havent dismantle the 4R15 yet. So i cant comment on it.
      However, since the 4R15 is basically a 7s26 with improved Sepron mainspring and balance spring.
      I believed the 7s26 stem may fit. As with most Seiko Divers watch, most stem/crown are integrated and cant be dismantle.
      Only way is to purchase an original replacement or look for any similar fitting after market ones.

      Also as with most Seiko Divers watch, its only has 1 gasket on the crown.

      1. Here we are
        Just received it
        Replacement crown fit 4R15 (SRP043/SPORK)

      2. Hi, so i was right.
        Those stem sure looks similar to the 7S26 ones.

  7. I have already ordered crown and stem ,When I ll receive , I ll send you fotos


  8. Hi there. Im interested in getting 4-4r36 stems and 4-stem extenders. How do i order? Thanks..

    Oh, based in the philippines.

  9. […] 7S26 stem will not work with NH35 movement). I have the pre-cut, plug and play NH35 stem here ( ) *the stem extender is provided free-of-charge if you are using the pre-cut stem for other […]

  10. Tom Stewart · · Reply

    Hi, I’m a new convert to the hole “modding scene” and have modded a SKX 007, but I’m now about to mod a SKX 009 and I have bought a nh35a movement. From reading this threat I’m now aware that the 7s26 stem is not compatible with the nh35a movement and I’ve found to my cost that the stem is not removable from the crown. The nh35a came with a stem and my question is. Do you sell a stem and crown combo ready fitted to go into the nh35a movement and into a SKX 009 watch body? I would like to buy one if that is the case.
    Regards Tom

    1. I have pre-cut stem which will work with aftermarket crown.

      For the crown, they are available on eBay.

      1. Can you post a link to a crown on ebay that will with the SKX with NH36 movement? I’ve searched high and low and just have no idea which crown would be compatible with both the threads on the case and the threads on the stem.

        Also, how does the screw down work? is there like a spring mechanism inside the crowns that help to push them out as they’re unthreaded?

      2. I suggest this (see below), it’s the same Crown which I use for the Dragon Shroud conversion.

  11. Hi
    I recently bought a SKX009 and caught the mod bug as well. I am modifying it with an NH35A movement and I wonder if the stem is still available for purchase?

    1. Hi sir,

      Yes, the precut stem is still available. Do send me a email at

  12. […] You will needs the following : a) Seiko SKX watch b) NH36 (DAY/DATE) movement – C) SKX aftermarket crown (Jumbo crown in this case, for source, pls check the link – ) D) NH36 pre-cut stem – […]

  13. Hi. I’m attempting my first mod; putting an NH35 movement into a Seiko 7002 case. Would your precut stem be the right length to work with a jumbo crown, an NH35 and a 7002 case?

    1. It work ! i have try it before. It basically similar to the SKX upgrade, with exception that they crown is at 4pm instead of 3.45pm ; therefore you will have to use dial dot on the dial (+ best if a non-date dial is use).

      Email me at

  14. Hi, I want to put an NH36 movement in an skx013 midsize case. Do you have a precut stem that would fit?

    1. The precut stem works on SKX007. Not sure if it will work on the skx013 or not.
      Kindly email

  15. I’m looking to try modding my SKX007 into Nh36a movement. But i need a crown? can i use the stock stem that comes with the movement and trim it and put an after market crown on there?

    1. From what i know, there is 2 type of stock stem from SII. Some are non-threaded while some are threaded, both are epoxy bonded.
      Assuming you are successful in the removal, a little adjustment may be needed depending which crown you will be using.

  16. What stem is required for the 6r15 swap in a 7s26-0030 case (skx013)?

  17. Hi, i have the stem for use with 6R or 4R into the SKX013. As the original crown/stem are non-detachable. You will needs to get an aftermarket one. Send me an email to

  18. […] My “S” crown was designed with a recess flush stem mounting tube as i have in mind to adapt my Precut NH36 stem and non-precut stem. […]

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