REGIA Timepieces – Armare Regatta (insight)

UPDATED : 1 JULY 2015 – Plain non-engrave bezel is now available (see

Sorry for taking so long to do the review.

2015 has been a year with plenty of new watches launched which including our Regia Armare Regatta, Borealis, Maranez……….etc. Borealis has launched 2 models in 2015 itself. I heard Maranez got lots more new design coming up too ! Nice ! In fact Seiko has a handful of new toy in Limited Edition, Special Edition, Shrouded watches too !

In this review, i will highlight some insight in the making of the Regia Armare Regatta watches.
Its name, design, materials, movement and various parts selection.

The first official review was already done by (Thanks L !)

The specification of Regia Armare Regatta can be found in the website or my earlier post :

I am watch collector, blogger, repairer and a newly co-own watch maker. This is not my full time job.  I am just a watch enthusiast, it is a hobby. During the process of making the Regia Armare Regatta, the team appreciate and enjoy the interaction from similar trade owners, micro brand owners and watch makers. A big thank you for all your assistance, pointers and understanding !

As some of you may know, Regia Timepieces and REGIA brand is own by AluMetal.
The team consisting of various family members performing difference roles, I am a part of the formation.
In the making of Regia Armare Regatta watches, my contribution attributed to the idea of :

a) selecting Sii NH35 movement (aka Seiko 4R35 movement),
b) case internal design,
c) the screw lug bar,
d) the fat springbar,

I bought the whole bunch of 6 models Regia Armare Regatta watches, enjoying it. (Yes, i got to buy them too). Some are getting natural aging [patina], other has been polished. Just can’t seem to find time to write this review !

I will continue to support and buy micro brand watch too ! Enjoying it !

[patina] a film of oxide formed on the surface of a metal.

REGIA means “Royal” in Spanish.
ARMARE REGATTA derive from the word Armar and Regata – a Spanish, meaning “to arm…A regatta crew”. It is just a model name only.

As of writing, all REGIA watches are available for purchase. There is no need to pre-order and wait.
Just go to the website and purchase. Express shipping is FREE at the moment !

The case
Like what has been observed and correctly reviewed, Regia Armare Regatta watches is not actually a straight homage.
The design was inspired by the ref. 3646 prototype. The design team wanted it to be slim.
Since its a fresh design, the Regia Armare Regatta watch case requires a fresh new fixture and mould in the making.
It also incorporate some ques from the Seiko 6309 cushion-shaped case with rounded sides.
It is made in 44mm [excluding crown] and 13mm thick only so that it can be wore by all sexes.
It is machined from brass and each case is individually serial numbered. It is produce as a Limited Edition.

Photo 22-5-15 3 40 13 pmPhoto 22-5-15 3 42 57 pmPhoto 22-5-15 3 40 57 pm

Sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal is selected for both front and back.
Traditional glass can easily be used, but the team decided to choose sapphire crystal due to it hardness, stength and anti-scratch properties.
Sapphire crystal cost 10x more than traditional glass ! Its for the benefit of the consumer.

Photo 22-5-15 3 46 27 pm

The bezel’s Mr L correctly said, the bezel is one of the most distinctive and divisive part of the watch.
The 12-sided bezel is fixed and signed. It is a classic design and meant to enhance the frontal look ; so that the watch wear Big.
It is a love it or hate it bezel. The team loves it ! So we produce it !

UPDATED : 1 JULY 2015 – Plain non-engrave bezel is now available.

Photo 22-5-15 3 47 26 pm

The mechanical movement
There were various movement for selection in the initial stage. Example, Miyota 8215, 9015, ETA 2824, 2836, Chinese Seagull, Hangzhou, Peacock, Seapod….etc. I have strongly suggested the automatic Sii NH35 movement to the team due to the following points :

a) its a relatively new movement,
b) its reliable,
c) its base on the 7S26 (NH25) and its a proven base movement,
d) its a 24 jewel movement,
e) its a 21.6k bph automatic movement,
f) it hacks,
g) it has manual winding capabilities,
h) it has a power reserve of over 42 hours (some reported over 46-47 hrs),
i) its similar to the Seiko 4R35 use in the Seiko’s mid range watches,
j) do you know that NH35 movement winds both ways !
k) it has plenty of parts available,
l) and finally i am familiar with it !
For more exclusivity, the movement rotor is engraved and signed.

Regia movt

The dial
There is 2 type of dial available. 3 colours are available for each type.
Both dial are sandwich style, meaning it is dual layer (First layer is a cut-out, secondly layer house the luminous compound).

The Arabic numbers 3, 6, 9,12 dial has a big holes minutes marker and a thicker perforated index for more luminous compound and lume effect.

The second is a modified California style dial. It has Roman numerals on the left side and Number on the right side. The index is painted.

The Roman and Number does look off-balance at first sight, but if you draw an invisible line to separate both side, you will realise that
it is align against its own side but not with the opposite (see pic below). This is due to the different font style and spacing needed for each side.

mod slide_2nos

The lume
C3 lume is use on our Regia dial. Its slightly greenish and has a long grow.

Photo 17-3-15 12 17 56 am

The crown
Originally we design the crown with a triple seal feature, however at 4.5mm thickness, it certainly stand out pretty sore on looks and it can be irritating to the wrist.
It went back to the design table and since the Regia Armare Regatta is not a diver watch, its crown is finally redesign with a 3.6mm thickness with twin seal feature. The crown is stamp with Regia sign.

Photo 22-5-15 4 04 37 pmPhoto 22-5-15 4 03 14 pm

The case back
The case back is made of stainless steel, polished and gold PVD plated.
It is engraved and marked as stainless steel. The team feels that it is important as some consumer may have brass allergy.
Knowing that the case back is stainless steel, consumer can have a peace of mind.

Photo 22-5-15 4 08 51 pm

The movement spacer
The movement spacer is made from the same materials as the case, Brass.
They are meant to hold down the dial and securing the movement to the watch case.
Stainless steel movement tab and screws are use to secure the movement spacer to the case, just like Swiss made watches.

Photo 22-5-15 4 10 48 pm

The screw lug bar / fat spring bar
There was a lengthy discussion pertaining to the The screw lug bar. I initially suggested to use fat springbar for the Regia Armare Regatta watches ; knowing that the screw lug bar will eventually “unscrew” itself.
But the design team prefers to have the traditional screw lug bar. While form vs function….. finally we decided to provide both !
Therefore, 2 types of securing bar is provided in the Regia Armare Regatta watches.
The screw lug bar – it is plated in gold to match the watch case. It secure using a screw onto the lug bar.
The fat spring bar – it is provided as an alternative for “quick” release. It is especially useful for frequent strap changer.

Photo 22-5-15 4 19 46 pm

The leather strap
The mounted genuine leather strap is custom made in thickness of 5mm, raw edge, thick stritches and length of 120mm/80mm. It has 2 float keeper. The colour of the leather strap is match to the colour of the dial and is REGIA signed behind.

Photo 22-5-15 4 24 53 pmPhoto 1-5-15 10 34 41 pmPhoto 1-5-15 10 35 07 pm

The extra leather strap
The unmounted extra set of genuine leather strap is also custom made in thickness of 5mm, raw edge, thick stritches and length of 130mm/80mm.
It has 1 fixed and 1 floating keeper. The colour of the leather strap is medium vintage brown and will suit all colour type of dials and is REGIA signed behind. This unique leather gets darker with time and more usage.

Photo 22-5-15 4 27 41 pm

The custom thick buckle
The strap buckle is custom made in 3mm thick of the same materials as the Regia Armare Regatta case and it is signed.
It has a screwed in bar but can easily converted to a springbar using the existing holes if necessary.

Photo 1-5-15 10 29 25 pm

The screw driver
A 1.6mm stainless steel screw driver is provided.

Photo 22-5-15 4 54 08 pm

The warranty card
1 year warranty from purchase date.


The presentation box
All the above will be house in a signed, long, wooden, and painted presentation box. The presentation box comes in 2 colour, Red and White.
It is selected at random.


The Regia Team wish to thanks all watch enthusiast, friends, family and customers for their support.
Regia Timepieces, model Armare Regatta was launched and we got good response and feedback.
Do continuoue to support us, so that we can bring you more interesting watches.

Cheers !

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