Regulate your watch with WildSpectra apps !

I know its probably previous year news but i just saw a friend using this android apps to regulate this automatic watch and is quite impress on its mobility and usability.

Android app, WildSpectra Mobile (available on Google Play), enable mechanical watch regulation in the style of a conventional (and expensive) “timing machine”. The app uses the device’s microphone to hear the tick-tock beats of the movement and subsequently measure the watch’s beat-rate. Specify a beat-rate explicitly, or WildSpectra Mobile can guess the target beat-rate based on the watch’s current rate. In either case, the current rate is indicated in beats/sec along with the degree of error both as percentage and as time gained/lost per day. In addition, a secondary view (referred to as “integrated spectra”) offers a “loudness” trace, thereby visualizing the audio profile of the watch’s beats.

WildSpectra Mobile comes in a free Lite version and a paid Pro version, the beat-counting functionality is fully enabled in the Lite version (although the Pro version’s additional FFT transform sizes might be of minor benefit to beat-counting).

*I strongly suggest the use a timing device, equipment or software in regulating a mechanical watch. Without these proper equipment, you can never know where you are heading and chances of running off the scale are very high. These device will get you the beat rate, beat error and amplitude  ; these values can also denote the movement state of health too. If you are not confident in handling your watches, its better to leave the work to a watchmaker.



  1. JD Richard · · Reply

    Got the software. My seiko 6309 7049 original 1980, was just cleaned and runs a bit slow with the face up. Should do the regulation.

  2. Do try and let us know.

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