Custom springbar for Seiko SPB051, SKX779, SPR309 (Monster), SBDC001 (Sumo), MM300 on mesh bracelet

Edit : added more application (23 Jan 2018)

There have been many request from customer and forumer for a custom springbar for the Seiko Monster, Sumo and MM300 (all having 20mm lug) for mounting on mesh bracelet. Seiko usually make their 20mm lug diver watches with drilled-thru holes and are great for easy fat springbar removal ; as oppose to some of their 22mm lug diver watches with no drilled-thru lug (which can be a challenge to remove these fat springbar !).

I have seen these 20mm fat springbar being reuse for leather strap mounting and its perfectly fine with some force, squeezing it into the leather strap since removal with drilled-thru lug is simple enough. I do them myself too !

But for mesh bracelet, these fat springbar will not fit !
I have turn down many request to install those generic 1.78mm diameter springbar with 0.7/0.8mm pin head, to avoid wearing out the lug holes on prolong usage.


After many months of consideration, i decided to custom a springbar that will fit mesh bracelet and for Seiko 20mm drilled-thru lug diver watches.

They are available now, you can buy them here. They are also suitable for all Seiko Monster, Sumo and MM300 (or any 20mm drilled-thru lug diver watches). They are custom made for mesh bracelet but will also fit into leather strap without stretching the leather.

Springbar – $5 for 4 pcs
International shipping – $10
Total = $15

Price : $15 for 2 pair (4 pieces) inclusive of shipping or you can make a payment here :

Contact me for paypal details.

Interested, pls contact me here or email me at

Please help support as its costly to custom made mold and fixture for these springbar for specific design. I have paid up front for it and hope it benefit all.


OK enough of writing, here is the product :

Photo 26-2-15 3 53 07 pm

Compare against the 20mm fat springbar

Photo 26-2-15 2 41 22 pm

Pin head at 1.15mm

Photo 26-2-15 2 49 51 pm

Body at 2mm (Seiko fat springbar is 2.5mm)

Photo 26-2-15 2 50 09 pm

These 20mm custom springbar will avoid these !


Custom springbar installed onto the Seiko monster

Photo 26-2-15 2 41 29 pmPhoto 26-2-15 2 42 29 pm Photo 26-2-15 2 41 59 pm

Mounting onto mesh bracelet

Photo 26-2-15 2 45 31 pm Photo 26-2-15 2 46 47 pm

Mounting on the Seiko Sumo

Photo 26-2-15 3 49 15 pm

Mounting on the Seiko MM300

Photo 26-2-15 3 51 08 pm

Even mounting on the Dagaz Tsunami T2 !

Photo 26-2-15 3 46 54 pm

Mounting on the modern 62MAS SPB051

*They are recommended only for drilled-thru lug watches.

**It will be nightmare to remove them if there is no drilled-thru lug !


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