STEINHART “Nav B-Uhr 44 handwinding, bronze”

Got an opportunity to secure a Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm in bronze and with the ETA 6497 manual winding movement yesterday, thanks ‘Hwa’ for the deal.
I am happy on this procurement as i have a similar Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm but in stainless steel and its a good match to a pair.

I remember the Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm in bronze materials was a sell out in the year 2013, when bronze watches is in a rage (it still IS !). At that time its rather difficult to buy one as they are always sold-out.

Photo 29-1-15 12 39 39 amPhoto 29-1-15 12 39 54 am Photo 29-1-15 12 40 13 am

In the last few years, “Pilot” watches enjoy a wide popularity, mainly due to the large case, simple dial, uncluttered design and long large hands. All these helps in readability and fashion trend. From Steinhart explaination, almost all of modern “Pilot” watches are based on the design of the known “Observer” watches which were part of the equipment of every navigation officer serving in a German Air Force crew during World War II.

Photo 29-1-15 11 13 38 am

The STEINHART Nav.B-Uhr 44mm Bronze is Steinhart modern interpretation of the classic “Pilot” design. Its case is made in bronze materials (think its Tin-Bronze) and it has a brushed surface, this helps on even patina as it age. Patina makes all bronze and brass watches unique, and each is different from another. The grey dial has sunburst brushing, brushed gold-coloured hands. Back case is see-thru where owner can view the ETA 6497 manual winding movement with its nine Geneva stripes and blued screws.

Photo 29-1-15 11 11 54 am

The dial and hands has good lume. There is a domed and double-AR-coated sapphire crystal. ­ The crown is rather interesting, initially i thought its marking has ‘dropped’ and from checking it seems Steinhart make it this way ; so its authentic !

Photo 29-1-15 11 11 47 am

The leather strap buckle is signed.

Photo 29-1-15 11 15 03 am

The leather strap has a rustic look and is signed too.

Photo 29-1-15 11 12 05 amPhoto 29-1-15 11 11 23 am

The only complaint is that the buckle latch is not matching the strap holes. This causes it to have some tear and accelerated wear !

Photo 29-1-15 11 14 32 am Photo 29-1-15 11 14 52 am

Here is a wrist shot.

Photo 29-1-15 11 11 08 am

The compulsory lume shot ; with its stainless brother ! Blue vs Green lume.

Photo 29-1-15 12 41 22 am Photo 29-1-15 12 42 30 am

Some shots with a batch or “pilot” watches !

Photo 29-1-15 12 44 38 am Photo 29-1-15 12 44 08 am

In summary, its a must-have for pilot watch lover !

The specification of the watch is as follows :

Technical Details
Nav B-Uhr 44 handwinding, bronze
Model: F0320

Unitas/ETA 6497-1, Swiss made, 16 1/2 ” manual, wind-up (hand winding)
17 jewels
18,000 vibrations per hour
Geneva stripes 18 lines, & blued screws

Brushed gold-coloured hands, with superluminova Bgw9, white lume.
Second hand at 9pm location

Case: solid bronze satined surface
Back: Stainless steel screwed (see through window)
Diameter: 44 mm
height: 14,2 mm
Weight: 107 g
Dial: metalic grey, with sunburst brushing
Crystal: sapphire, domed, with double anti-reflecting coatings on the interior side
Bezel: solid bronze satined finished
Indices: Arabian, superluminova Bgw9 white lume
Lug width: 22 mm
WaterResistant: Limited water resistance, no swimming or shower
Strap: Russian leather brown,22 mm
Buckle: solid bronze pin buckle OEM, 22 mm, screwed with logo

Today, Steinhart Germany still sell them.,811.html
Thanks for reading !





  1. So it was u. got it from carousell rite?Wanted to get the watch too.Very nice watch.Congrats on the great buy.

  2. Nope, not on Carousell but the sgroc rather.
    Yes, its a nice watch. Thanks.

    Hope you get your soon too.

    1. I think this is the watch.l saw the ad posted in carousell. Anyways l have ordered mine from gunter today. Also got the premium pilot.Hoot before prices increase.

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