DIY charging the Citizen Ecodrive and Seiko Solar watches

Most people keep their watches in the drawer, watch case, watch box…..etc when its not in use. Its fine for mechanical watches and quartz watches (dont forget to refresh those batteries before it leaks !).

Citizen Ecodrive, Seiko Solar, even the Casio Tough Solar needs a little sun tanning once in a while to refresh its power. Its not wise to let the power run totally flat ; as it may be difficult to recharge/or hold its charge after that {read Lithium battery} (and a new battery may be required !).

Just saw my Ecozilla was making its 2 second dance on its second hand. It basically denote that it needs a recharge….. BUT its already night time ! That means i will have to wait till next day for the Sunlight !


Citizen has a recharging guide for the B873 Ecodrive movement (B873 = Ecozilla movement)

Photo 27-1-15 12 17 30 pm

Being impatience……. i was wondering if there is any economical light source that could charge up the Ecozilla while i sleep………..??
Found some data on the internet with regards to the various light source and read that LED have a pretty good luminous efficacy. (more lumens per watt).


Wait ! I do have a 1W or 1.5W LED torchlight somewhere. Lets try to see if it can recharge the Ecozilla ?

Photo 27-1-15 12 18 02 pmPhoto 27-1-15 12 18 09 pm

I loaded it up with some used battery and make sure it has some power thru the night (yes, used battery who is suppose to be disposed off).
LED torchlight are pretty energy saving, 3 x AAA battery will will typically last 24 hrs !

Photo 27-1-15 12 19 02 pmPhoto 27-1-15 12 19 09 pm

I switch the LED torchlight ON and placed it over the Ecozilla watch. It was a good fit.

Time to retire for the night !

Photo 27-1-15 12 19 40 pm

The next day after some 10 hours of LED light exposure, the Ecozilla seems to be charged up nicely. Its no longer doing the 2 second dances anymore ! [a fully charge Ecodrive will run for 180days or 6 months].


For safety sake, i’ll just leave it by the windows for a couple more days ; to make sure that it gets its full meal !




  1. I’m guessing now that my eco drive is faulty then. i have had it on an LED light charging source for four days and no charging gains are evident. Still doing the two second dance etc

  2. Oh dear, 4 days !
    Suggest you try another … probably stronger LED lighting.
    Afterthat if its still doing that 2 second dance….. i would suspect a faulty storage battery.

    Good luck.

  3. I’ve had my citizen eco drive watch for 15 years. When I take it off, it’s laying on the window sil never needs any maintenance! Does anyone know if the battery can be replaced? It has stopped a couple of times, then I hang it on a light bulb and start wearing again.

    1. The EcoDrive does has a rechargeable battery inside, if it’s still working there is not necessary to change it ; unless its not holding its charge.

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