Seiko SRP585 and SRP587 aka MoHawk

Yeoman blog showed the new Seiko SRP585 and SRP587. While i am not interested in these watches but can’t help but to criticizes on those bezel. See the below pic and you’ll know what i mean………….. ehh

If i ever buy this model, it will only be for those hands and dial……… hehe……. Seiko, what the ?

edit 5/1/15 : Just learned that this SRP585 and 587 has earned a nick of “MoHawk”. Well named.

*Not my photo.

srp587ksrp587k_6srp587k_1srp587k_3srp585k_1"The Karate Kid" Movie Premier In Tokyo





  1. Hi, thanks for the quick review, I believe it is also known as the Humpback.

    BTW, like you, I like the dial and hands, in fact the whole watch, except the bezel.
    Any idea if the bezel can be changed to the normal type (without the step-up)?


  2. Hi Kin, no idea which other bezel will fit.
    Ir will be interesting to know at the watch has everything ; except the bezel.

  3. It’s a very nice watch other than the disastrous bezel, very nice finish, good size and weight, and the bracelet (at least in Canada) is much better quality than usual – but that bezel is a deal breaker, the raised part is actually screwed on, but the part underneath isn’t engraved. It’s also the only automatic stainless diver Seiko Canada sells – which basically means Seiko Canada is staffed by fools. If I could put another bezel on it, I’d buy it in a heartbeat and be thrilled with it.

  4. Agreed that if an alternative bezel is available, the MoHawk should be a handsome watch.

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