Just arrived – Seiko Tuna SBBN013 bezel gasket (Its here !)

edit : Hi guys ! Its here ! You can starting ordering them now.

I use to own a Seiko Tuna SBBN011 and kept a spare bezel gasket. The watch was sold some years back and the bezel gasket was forgotten. Recently a forumer needed one for his SBBN013 as his bezel is tight and bezel gasket is broken. As they are both similar series, the bezel gasket should fit and i remembered i used to have a spare. After some days of searching, it was found, send across the globe to the forumer.

The bezel gasket replacement photo was posted on the forum and after that i got some enquiry for supplying the SBBN013 bezel gasket. I have asked my supplier on the possibilities to secure some more of it and i am ordering 10 pcs. It will takes 6 weeks for it to arrive, so estimate it should be with me some time early Oct 2014.

I’ll keep all inform and add the new item in the bezel gasket thread.

Below some photos from the forumer on the SBBN013 bezel gasket replacement.  http://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/how-replace-sbbn013-bezel-gasket-1084845.html

Seiko Tuna SBBN011 – 013 Bezel gasket ($10 each) – (10 pcs avail. New stock arrived)

Contact me for paypal details.
Shipping : $10 (i am willing to shipping international too)

Interested, pls contact me here or email me at


SBBN013ajuze3a4yna8ara5ha9yhyzu7yzamypau8a3yvegeqe9epev ajuze3a4 2abaqese


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