Relume – Marina Militare Submersible

The Marina Militare Submersible has really lousy lume. Only the hands were having lume (Hr/Min/Sec) + the Bezel dot at 12pm. Otherwise the dial indice has very very little/or no lume. I have always wanted to relume it but was too lazy to put my hands onto it.

Since after completion of the custom strap on the Marina Militare Submersible yesterday, while the “heat” is ON. I finally decided to do a relume.

Below some photos for all to enjoy.

The lousy lume
Photo 25-11-14 12 49 02 pm

Building up the lume layer by layer (3 layer to be exact).

1st layer
Photo 25-11-14 1 28 56 pm

2nd layer
Photo 25-11-14 1 29 03 pm

3rd layer (final) + Installed the Hands (relume too and fillup the void).
Photo 25-11-14 1 37 34 pm

Fire-it-up !
Photo 25-11-14 1 38 51 pm

After 5 minutes.
Photo 25-11-14 1 38 16 pm

Finally removed the bezel paint and relume those bezel markers with left-over lume paint.
Nice !

Photo 25-11-14 2 58 45 pmPhoto 25-11-14 3 22 54 pm

Here is a before / after photo.

Photo 25-11-14 12 49 02 pm

Hope you guys like it.








  1. Wow, that’s really impressive!
    How did you remove the old Lume, or you’ve just applied it on top of the existing?
    I’d like to do tge same with mine!


  2. I did not remove the old lume but use it as a base to build up the new lume (lume brightness perform better with a white colour base). I just apply the new lume over it !

    Hope to see your result too !

  3. Rosen Issak · · Reply

    very nice and strong lume congrats for the work can you tell me where did you bought the lume ???
    was ist a ready to use mix or did you mix it by yourself???

  4. Hi, i am using v10 lume powder for watches application from Glow Inc.
    There are many colour avail.

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