Review – Seiko SRP605 Blue Bezel (Seiko ! Please check those alignment !)

In my earlier post on the SUN021 Kinetic GMT Tuna ( My friend whom was with me in the purchase, decided to purchase the Seiko SRP605 Blue bezel.

Its quite a nice watch with a hint of the Blue Monster bezel in combination / hybrid with the submariner design. The dial indice are are painted gold and large, so the lume should be nice. Its uses the same gold monster hands as the Limited Edition Blue Monster SRP455.

Some photos below :

Photo 15-11-14 2 55 06 pm Photo 15-11-14 2 56 05 pm Photo 15-11-14 2 56 23 pm Photo 15-11-14 2 56 33 pm

The SRP605 has the below specification :

Blue dial
Black Date and day
Stainless steel case and bracelet
Seiko automatic movement – 4R36
Winds and hack
Crystal hardlex glass
100m Water resistant

Photo 15-11-14 2 58 15 pm Photo 15-11-14 2 58 34 pm Photo 15-11-14 2 58 43 pm

Here is a wrist shot on my hands.

Photo 15-11-14 2 59 24 pm

BUT, there is an issue (in fact all 3 pieces of SRP605 that is in the shop, they all has this issue !) , although my friend like it so much that he say he do not mind and bought it. If you see the shots below, the chapter ring is misaligned with the dial indice ! This will be irritating for me ! It seems this issue has been happening in the last few years.

So……….Seiko please go recheck those QC or those installer’s EYE !

*I have a feeling this watch is coming back to me to have it’s chapter ring adjusted !

Photo 15-11-14 3 02 31 pm Photo 15-11-14 3 02 41 pm Photo 15-11-14 3 02 44 pm

The compulsory lume shot.

Photo 15-11-14 3 16 14 pm

All the blue bezel Seiko meetup !

Photo 15-11-14 3 03 03 pm Photo 15-11-14 3 04 39 pm

Hope you enjoy reading. Thanks.





  1. varun singh · · Reply

    In your second photo of all blue bezel meetup, what is the model number of the seiko with blue bezel and black dial, second watch from right, Thanks!

  2. That is a mod watch ! Soki case (check ebay), 7s26 movt, Dagaz hands.

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