Review – Seiko Prospex GMT Kinetic Tuna Air Diver 200m aka SUN021

Reference to the SUN019 review here :

I have the opportunity to purchase a SUN021 and since i like the SUN019 (bracelet model), i jump into buying it.

Basically they are the same watch but with the following difference :

-black PVD bezel painted in yellow colour,
-Blue GMT hands,
-yellow minutes hands,
-Black PVD crowns (both crown),
-rubber strap.

Some picture below :

Photo 15-11-14 3 08 48 pm Photo 15-11-14 3 09 10 pm

This is a new type of Seiko rubber strap. It is softer, its 24mm width and scale down to 19mm at the buckle (Yes ! 19mm !)
The buckle is signed “Seiko” and there is only one keeper. The keeper is also signed “Seiko” and its made of stainless steel. It is pretty comfortable ; as compare to the traditional Seiko rubber strap which are usually very hard.

One issue i noticed about this rubber strap is that it may be too long for Asian people. I usually wear my watch “loose”, which may measure to about 7″. But despite that its still a little long with its tongue-end sticking out a little.

Photo 15-11-14 3 09 50 pm Photo 15-11-14 3 09 27 pm

As usual the wrist shot.

*although they are the same watch, somehow the SUN021 wears smaller than the SUN019…….. it could be the bracelet on the SUN019, which has a slight curve at the lug. It may also be the black PVD bezel on the SUN021 which makes the watch less pronounce. Mmmmm……………………

Photo 15-11-14 3 10 22 pm

I am having it charge now with the Braun Toothbrush charger. It should give me full charge in the next 2 days.

Photo 15-11-14 3 08 22 pm

The compulsory lume shot with its brother (SUN019).

Photo 15-11-14 3 13 47 pm Photo 15-11-14 3 13 17 pm

Anyway, thanks for reading. I am dead broke this month.

Support me by buying some parts in this blog. Thanks.



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  3. nice review i am also thinking of buying the sun023 i like the orange touch but one thing can you tell me how thick the rubber is cause i am thinking of putting on a deployment clasp on the rubber strap

  4. Hi, the rubber strap is about 3.6mm thick.

    1. thanks very helpful

  5. hello can you tell me what the strap length of the rubber is??
    i can not find it anywhere

  6. Just measured it 145mm / 83mm.

  7. Rosen Issak · · Reply

    thanks very helpfull

  8. Allan Ash · · Reply

    Thanks usefull. Does the bracelet from the SUN019 fit the SUN023?

  9. Yes !
    The bracelet from the SUN019 will fit the SUN023.

  10. antonio · · Reply

    Hi, do you have the stainless steel bracelet for the SUn019 for sale? I want it for my SUN043, and I would prefer the OEM Seiko.

    1. Kindly do approach the Seiko Service Centre for the OEM bracelet.

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