New addition : Tag Heuer Clubmaster 8022 Chrono stopwatch

Today i got a surprise from a friend. He has passed me a gift thru another friend and when i opened it, it was a vintage Tag Heuer Clubmaster 8022 stopwatch !
I have only seen these on the internet photos but has never seen one in real life before !

Its condition is pretty mint with original box and its house in a monobloc fiber case with only some light scuffing on the back. Its surely a collector’s item !

Some specification i gather from the net :
Frequency : 36,000
Manufacturing date : before 1985 transistion
Size : diameter of about 62 mm (excluding crown)

It is a “HEUER” inscription “clubmaster” stopwatch. Along with the original box. Unlike normal stopwatch, chronograph second hand will be one lap in 30 seconds, it is very fast. Index of the second round in red is printed on the inside in order to measure 1 minute. In the same 36,000 and vibration famous Erupurimero, it is possible to measure the 1/10-second increments. Inner dial is a 15-minute counter (gradually advance type).

Heuer company was established in year 1860, but has been merged with the famous Leonidas company in this also chronograph production in 1963. Then, funded from the TAG Group 1985’s as its now known the “Tag Heuer”. I guess the stopwatch has been manufactured earlier. I consider it to be a valuable gem from the prestigious manufacturer during its production of “Heuer” products.

There is no any other damage to this Heuer stopwatch only storage scuffing and is consider a NOS item. Chronograph second hand, movement and the return-to-zero does not have any problem at all.

I like it very much !

Thank you Marcus !

Enough said ! here are the photos. Enjoy !

Photo 27-10-14 12 31 24 pm

Photo 27-10-14 12 31 52 pm

Photo 27-10-14 12 31 33 pm

Photo 27-10-14 12 32 33 pm

Tag Heuer Clubmaster meeting its Seiko friend !

Photo 27-10-14 4 26 17 pm

Some photos i gather from the net on the same stopwatch in Japan.








  1. Hello, I’m from Venezuela and i have one of these too. Do you know the price of it? Thanks đŸ™‚

    1. Hi, I am not sure.
      From checking the price varies from $100 – 350 (depend on condition).

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