Fixing a stripped buckle lug screw (strap) – Panerai, Marina Militare, Maranez, Gruppo Gamma, homage

Limited stock available (next replenishment in 3 months time)


Hey Panerai, Marina Militare, Maranez, Gruppo Gamma, homage owner. Are you having issue with stripped buckle lug screw ? Due to frequent strap buckle swap ?

Some time its lug screw head got stripped or worst its screw thread is stripped and declared the buckle useless ! Standard regular springbar is unable to help as the holes are too big in these screwed-in buckle. A permanent solution is to use my custom 24mm springbar. It enable quick buckle change too !

*But please do note that these custom springbar are having a 2.2mm diameter. Therefore, some slight modification is needed to some buckle “latch arm” to accommodate it. (the “latch-arm” hole needs to be enlarge)

Price : $12 for a pair custom springbar (shipping inclusive) (New stock just arrived)

Contact me for paypal details.

Interested, pls contact me here or email me at


Please help support as its costly to custom made mold and fixture for these springbar for specific design. I have paid up front for it and hope it benefit all.


Below a quick tutorial:

Strip lug screw head

Photo 8-9-14 1 26 38 pm

Stripped lug screw thread

Photo 9-10-14 4 33 33 pm Photo 9-10-14 4 34 31 pm

a) The buckle “latch arm” hole will needs to be opened up to accommodate the 2.2mm diameter springbar.

Photo 9-10-14 3 58 54 pm

b) afterthat its smooth sailing, just swap over.

Photo 9-10-14 3 58 22 pm

c) Done !

Photo 9-10-14 4 04 00 pm



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