For sale : Strap Tubes for Leather / Rubber / Silicon strap

For sale are some custom made strap tubes. These are install into the strap’s end hole before the spring bar / screw-in lug are install.

They helps to :

– reduce wear & tear on the strap,

– for screw-in lug, it helps to prevent these screw from “unscrewing” by itself,

– for spring-bar lug, it helps to prevent the spring bar from “jumping” out of the lug due to strap movement,

– act as a sleeve for the strap,

– increase spring bar diameter for added strength,

– suitable for spring bar from 20mm up to 26mm.

*Its is not advisable to install strap tubes to the exact width of the strap ; but only into the middle section of the strap. This is to allow some space for lug springbar or lug bar movement, (and of course removal) without damaging the watch case material.

Price : $6 a pair

Shipping : Flat $10 (shipping international too)

Please contact me for paypal details.

Interested, pls contact me here or email me at


Photo 24-8-14 3 21 16 pm Photo 24-8-14 3 22 07 pm Photo 24-8-14 3 23 16 pm


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