For sale : Custom 24mm springbar – suitable for Seiko Prospex GMT Kinetic Tuna Air Diver 200m aka SUN019

Edit (31/3/15) : Limited stock available.

Surprise ! surprise !

While the 24mm fat springbar of the Seiko Prospex GMT Kinetic Air Diver is out of its lug and i had some customized 24mm flanged springbar earlier. Measured them, tried them on and whoopee ! Its fit beautifully. Pin head, length and tightness fits excellent. These are 2.2mm body diameter (Seiko ones are 2.5mm). These will be good for leather strap, rubber strap and non standard bracelet conversion. It leave a good clearance between the watch case and strap. You also does not needs to force the springbar into the strap, thus damaging it. Most important of all, it will not elongate the lug holes with prolong usage for Seiko diver watches.

Those who needs some, shot me an email.

24mm x 2.2mm flanged spring bar, pin head 1.2mm

Price : $15 for a pair ( inclusive of shipping) new stock arrived
Contact me for paypal details.

Interested, pls contact me here or email me at

Photo 30-7-14 4 05 01 pm

Photo 30-7-14 4 04 18 pm

Photo 30-7-14 4 03 16 pm

Photo 30-7-14 4 03 37 pm

Photo 30-7-14 4 05 42 pm

Photo 30-7-14 4 06 30 pm

Photo 30-7-14 4 06 39 pm

Photo 30-7-14 4 07 10 pm

Careful ! Using the wrong springbar will elongate those lug holes !




  1. Hello i am after a pair of the springbar for the seiko sun019 24mm, cheers

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